Sometimes a little change doesn’t hurt, especially if your car is old or breaking down, you might be obligated to move on to your next automobile. The joy and excitement of buying a new vehicle can come with many circumstances. You want to be able to buy something that is suitable to your lifestyle and perhaps a car that you may find an interest in driving. One main part of the shopping process is finding a price that fits within your budget. Finding car deals in Canada can be easily done by using the services provided by CarCostCanada. We offer free invoice car reports for the appropriate Canadian listing prices of vehicles. Our easy step-by-step guide will enable your shopping experience to become trouble-free. You may think to yourself if there are other pertaining methods that could be used when buying a new car. Well, unfortunately, most of those word-of-mouth methods are actually myths. This article will outline the following myths that you may or may not have heard about.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Our friends and family usually give us advice about life, or even advice about how and when to buy a new car. Many of this counseling information is not exactly proven to be true, and some of them are just plain wrong. Before asking yourself multiple questions about what tactics to use, here is a list of the top 6 myths about purchasing a new car:

Myth 1: You’re more likely to be taken seriously if you inform the seller that you’re paying in cash – Absolutely wrong, this is not a tactic that dealers will fall for or are willing to negotiate. Don’t assume that because you are offering cash, you will get a better price. Believe it or not, if they have your cash offer and the same price offer from another customer that is financing, they will accept the offer from the client who is financing every time because of the incentives.

Myth 2: Buy the car today, or say farewell to the deal – There is no race or stopwatch while looking for a new vehicle to purchase. Unless the car you’re looking into is in short supply or there’s a sale going on, you’ll be able to find comparable, or even better, deals in the days to come of your search. Either way, whether it’s a lower interest rate rather than a rebate, the overall price difference won’t vary by too much.

Myth 3: Accepting the rebate is always desirable – If you are a long-term investor, someone who purchases a car to drive for many years, making payments with a 0% loan may be the preferable option you are looking for. This myth will oftentimes hold up for those who are not long-term investors, but rather short-term buyers who like to switch up their cars from time to time.

Myth 4: Don’t ever make the choice of financing at the dealership – Contrary to what you may have been told, most dealerships have agreements with credit unions. What this essentially means is that you can get the same rate your local union offers. It can actually save you a lot of time, money and the unnecessary stress. More often than not, the rate can actually be even better.

Myth 5: Waiting last minute will get you the best offer – This most definitely qualifies as a myth because this is not something you can always depend on. Take for example your local dealership, they are down to its last few cars and on the brisk of meeting the manufacturer sales goal. If you buy something in stock, you may be able to pay a slightly lower price. However, if they’ve already reached their limit, then the deal on the last day of the month will probably be no different than the one you would get on the first.

Myth 6: Don’t mention the trade-in vehicle until you finalize the cost of the new car, then spring it on the salesperson – This is not the first time a salesperson has heard of this strategy. This tactic almost never works, the most effective approach is to compartmentalize the deal. Know the price of your trade-in by doing your research to get its actual worth. If you don’t completely agree with the offer for your trade-in, pursue other trade-in options.

Always buy when it’s most convenient and financially feasible for you. Check out CarCostCanada for your free invoice report today! Save yourself from the hassle of negotiating.