The summer is in full swings now, with many adventure enthusiasts escaping to the nature for off-road activities like camping and hiking, whereas others heading to a lakeshore with a canoe tied to their car’s roof. No matter what satiates your hunger for adventure, Toyota Tundra is here to add “more” to the experience, allowing you to enjoy the precious summer time to the fullest, without a hitch.

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What makes Toyota Tundra the most reliable?

For starters, it gives you the feel of a perfect truck, but without the obnoxious sound. It’s durable, strong and spacious, having an uncanny dexterity with all kinds of terrain. This is the truck you would like to take to camping, load with firewood to the max and haul the canoes in – something which everyone loves to do once in a while. The seating position, throttle feel, brake, and steering – all combine to elevate Toyota Tundra ahead of its counterparts by a great margin. Especially the 1794 Edition Tundra which delivers great shock damping and torsional rigidity is a pleasure to pilot. Popularly referred to as a “luxury truck”, it can give you the luxurious experience of a sedan, but at the same time drive through uneven, cottage roads with ease, not the mention the unmatched style.

A power-packed engine that delivers!

The heart of Toyota Tundra 2018 5.7L i-Force V8 engine is the largest displacement of any engine in the brand’s history. The massive 32-valve DOHC power plant provides 381 horsepower and 401 lb. -fit torque, – which means better and more powerful performance on road. It gives a satisfying rumble, without feeling like it’s working very hard to run at higher speeds, unlike smaller engines that feel like screaming when trying to keep up with higher speeds, especially while cruising off-roads.

Available with an exclusive off-road package!

Well, what more you could have asked for! If off-road is where your heart lies, Toyota Tundra has dedicated TRD offroad package for some of its CrewMax and Double Cab models with a unique exterior color “Inferno”. To make your adventure stress-free, Toyota Tundra off-road package makes your truck’s exterior powerful enough to deal with whatever comes in the way, through features such as fuel tank protector plates, 18” alloy wheels, and all-terrain tires, and Bilstein shock absorbers. An equal amount of focus has been given to the interior to make the driving safe and comfortable, through the integration of anti-theft and navigation systems, a power sliding rear window, and heated front seats.

Accessories to elevate the safety factor!

Although Toyota Tundra models are already packed richly enough to afford you a safe drive, if you still have any concerns left, do away with all of them by going for Toyota accessories such as Genuine dash camera, TRD front skid plate and Towing hitch ball. When you are cruising the bumpy roads with possible hill sections ahead, you’re likely to come across flying stones or branches that can damage your truck and hence your ardent quest for adventure. The front skid plate will protect your vehicle’s underbody against any kind of road debris, allowing you to keep on truckin.

Want to make your off-road adventure more memorable with Toyota Tundra? The Toyota Genuine Dash camera will do just that by safely recording the ongoings of the road while you keep your eyes on the road in front of you. You never ever have to miss a moment with Tundra as you can capture it. You can also use this camera to record the surroundings when the truck is parked. Some other accessories that can be purchased to add more functionality to your Toyota Tundra truck are soft tri-fold Tonneau cover, front door sill protectors, side step bars, Chrome Tailgate insert badge, running boards, towing mirrors (for both left and right sides), and Chrome accent package.  

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