Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Maintain

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, there are many costs to take into consideration. Beyond the initial cost of purchasing the car, there are many added up costs that will continue to grow for as long as you have a vehicle.

For purchasing your vehicle, having a resource such as Car Cost Canada can be beneficial as it does car price comparisons and provides dealer invoices for you to compare the value of different vehicles you may be looking at. Depending on your vehicle choice, you may have less associated costs because the truth is, there is a wide range of cheaper cars to expensive cars when it comes to maintenance that can change your annual contribution.

Keep reading to learn about the top 10 cheapest cars to maintain so that you can save even after purchasing your vehicle:

#10: Kia Optima

In tenth place is the Kia Optima. With roughly under $7000 to maintain the car, this car allows for optimal usage. This Korean manufacturer has been ranked 14 out of 30 overall with a rough median cost of $9000 for 10 years of maintenance.

#9: Scion xB

Even though new Scion cars are no longer being manufactured, the pre existing cars are still quite the affordable vehicle. It cost a little under $7000 to maintain in a 10 year period.

#8: Toyota Yaris

Toyota vehicles have been known to be affordable and reliable cars which is why the list of top 10 cheapest vehicles incorporates several Toyota cars. At a maintenance cost of roughly $6500, it sits at one of the cheaper options on the market. The surprising thing is that the Yaris is actually on the more expensive side when it comes to the Toyota spectrum, which means a quality vehicle at an affordable price!

#7: Nissan Versa

This vehicle offers plenty of passenger room, making it one of the cars that provide ultimate comfort when driving. The cost of maintenance over 10 years is under $6000.

#6: Toyota Corolla

Another Toyota car! This vehicle is one of the best-sellers both in the brand itself and the automotive industry as a whole. In the past 50 years, they have sold over 43 million Corollas worldwide. Beyond its comfortability, spacious interior, secure handling, and safety feature, the maintenance cost per decade is roughly $5900, making it a top choice for anyone looking for a good driving and affordable vehicle.

#5: Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is a pick up truck from Toyota. The decade maintenance cost is around the same as a Toyota Corolla, which is shocking as a pick up truck is on a different spectrum when it comes to vehicle choices.

#4: Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is known for being one of the most economical vehicles. While other Honda models come in top 20 of being the most affordable, the Fit makes top 5. The maintenance cost is roughly $5500 for a decade.

#3: Toyota Camry

The Camry has always been known for quality performance and great fuel saving for a mid-size vehicle. The maintenance cost average around $5300, earning this vehicle its third place.

#2: Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a unique car as it is a boxy hatchback but also functions as an SUV. It has an abundance of interior space, with chairlike seats and large windows, amping up the quality and comfort of the vehicle. The maintenance cost is about $4700, a drastic difference from the Toyota Camry, pushing it as top 2 of affordable vehicles.

#1: Toyota Prius

Last but not least is the Toyota Prius – this vehicle is a hybrid car and beyond that, it wins the top spot because its maintenance costs for ten years are only $4300! With fuel economy settings and low maintenance costs, this is the car to get.


With 10 affordable choices to choose from, there is a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Taking into account maintenance costs is important because you will never go a year without doing a checkup or replacing components of the car. Being proactive in research and ensuring that you know the true cost of owning a vehicle before you buy is important.

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What You Need to Know before Buying a Car

Whether you have bought a car multiple times or are looking to become a new car owner, the truth is you can use a couple tips to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money. The process is much more than just choosing your favourite car and paying for it as there are always many hidden costs and incentives that dealerships and general websites online will not let you know about.

With Car Cost Canada, the online feature of obtaining a dealer invoice price allows you to see what incentives you qualify for and the additional costs that can add up when you’re not noticing them. The program allows you to have your best foot forward in the car purchasing negotiation, saving you lots of money.

To learn more about what you should know about before buying a car, keep reading! The dealer invoice price program that Car Cost has is a part of the process:

Finance or Lease?

The big question of how your vehicle will be paid off: will you finance it or will you lease it? Depending on your financial position, it may be less of a debate and more of what you can afford. There are benefits to both, and one will cater better to you if you’re a student vs. an adult with full income.

Have a sense of the type of deposit you can put down and the amount you can afford to pay monthly. You can also look at auto loans if you’re interested in financing a car rather than leasing and require more funds.

Understand your Credit Score

Before purchasing your vehicle, your credit score is important to know. This is because the credit report and interest rates that you have available will be able to act as a leverage point, allowing you to negotiate a good deal and save money.

Shop Around

Even if you have your eye set on a specific car, model, and make, take a look around at other dealerships, similar brands, and see what other options you have. For every car you look at there, there is always a more expensive version and another affordable make. Know your options so that when it comes to negotiating, you know your budget limits.

In addition to looking at different cars, ensure you do you research regarding dealerships. Look online for bad customer reviews and those with glowing reviews so that you know you will get the best service and treatment when you walk into a dealership. Even expensive cars from a well-known reputable brand can have issues and if your dealership is one that puts their needs and sales ahead of your own, you may end up with issue-filled car.

Find a Dealer Invoice Price

This process step is something Car Cost Canada can help with. As mentioned before, these dealer invoice reports help seek out rebates and incentives that a car owner may qualify for and takes out unnecessary costs for you to understand the starting cost that the dealership works with. Obviously, certain dealerships will have a more stubborn attitude to negotiate with but for the most part, this dealer invoice report gives you leverage as you understand how much the dealer will make from this purchase.

Test Drive your Car of Choice

Once you have decided there is a certain type of car you are interested in, make sure you test drive it. Often new car owners will buy it for the look or aesthetic and neglect to see the compatibility and comfortability associated with the vehicle. Doing a test drive will ensure that you know how the functions work and that you are comfortable with the drive of the car.

Find Repair Records

Certain models and makes will have a more reputable history of doing its job. What this refers to is the amount of recalls for certain cars that have happened in the past decade. Sometimes, after an accident or a check-up, cars will have persisting issues that began when they were being built. Taking a look into the history of the car you want will give you a sense of the company and how often these problems arise.

Regardless if it is a new or used car, taking a check-up after you purchase it is a good idea to see if there are any preliminary issues that need to be fixed. Some dealerships may be hiding serious issues with a car and urging you that it is not necessary to do a checkup after your initial purchase but it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.


When it comes to buying a car, there are many things to be wary of. Being cautious allows you to save money and be safe on the road — key components when it comes to this heavy investment.

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2018 / 2019 New Car Best Deals Canada

The best car deal happens when you’re able to procure a vehicle that not only houses the best of features you want but also goes easy on your pocket. The choices are absolutely endless – new versus used; small or big; truck, sedan, SUV or van; whom to buy from; buying with financing, leasing or cash; base model or higher one; sufficient features or all the bells and whistles. To ensure you don’t get lost in this sheer expanse of options, zero in on what you want before setting foot in the car dealership.  

The internet has undeniably made things easier, but there are still some pitfalls that pockmark the car buying process, preventing even the savviest car shoppers from finding new car best deals in Canada. Everyone wants to pay the lowest price for the car that syncs with their vehicular needs and priorities and is cheaper to own in the long run. Nobody wants to fall prey to those unnecessary add-ons and hidden charges that can embitter even the sweetest bargain.

Investigate the manufacturer’s incentives!

The key to locating the best car deals in Ontario is to be a well-informed and more importantly, a smart shopper who, beyond the regular intricacies involved in the process, is mindful of the manufacturer’s incentives relative to that vehicle. Some dealers might try to lull you into clinching a deal by calling it a special discount from ‘their’ office or in certain instances, they might even skip it altogether to mention in order to stretch their profit margins. Remember that the manufacturer’s incentive is up for grabs for one and all who intends to buy that vehicle. So, make sure your negotiation with the dealer starts only after subtracting the applicable incentives.

Be it a 4-door luxurious sedan for city driving or a robust pick-up truck to accompany you to off-road trips, you can avail a certain amount of incentives on every type of vehicle.

Negotiate the total car price, not the monthly installment!

While financing the vehicle, it’s easy to sway away by the smaller chunks of monthly payments while forgetting how even a slight change of $20 or $50 can quickly add up to thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the car. Also, comparing different dealerships based on the monthly payments is not a piece of cake, particularly if you’re a first-time buyer with a vague understanding of the industry’s ways and means. You may be looking at diverse down payments and maturities. You don’t have to go through all that since all dealerships are obligated to present customers with a clear-cut advertised lease or financing rate from the manufacturer. This means the dealer with the best total price will be the one that can get you the best bargain, regardless of whether you choose to lease or finance the vehicle. The total car price is inclusive of all the fees and taxes.

Know when to research!

The timing is of great essence and can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips to help you snap great new car deals in British Columbia (BC) or other provinces in Canada:

  • Starting of the month: When many manufacturers are launching special discount offers for that particular month.
  • New model year: When dealerships are trying to make room for the latest models by getting rid of previous ones.
  • End of the month: When many salesmen and dealers are eager to add more sales to their overall sales quota – an opportunity for potential buyers to chance upon the lowest price points.
  • End of the year: When car manufacturers proffer significant discounts and incentives to draw in buyers so as to fulfill their yearly sales targets.

Though these times can’t always guarantee a good deal, they are generally preferred by experienced shoppers to find cars within their budget.

Know the related glossary to see what you’re getting into!  

When scouring the dealership’s inventory at their lot or via online, bear in mind that they are not restricted to only what they have in the stock at that time. Most dealers keep at least a few of every model that the car manufacturer proffers.

It’s good to test the waters before diving right into a deal. Spend some time to grasp basic pertinent terms and things that will go a long way when you are trying to scoot the best new car deal in Quebec:

  • Trims: A trim (or grade as it is sometimes referred to as) is a different version of a model and often has different features such as seat material and engine size, and marginally different price. For car models that give various trim choices, manufacturers often provide 3 or 4 versions. For example, the 2018 Toyota Prius is available in 7 trims/configurations, with price and features varying slightly as you navigate from one trim to the other.
  • Options: Each model and trim has a host of optional features such as GPS navigation system and sunroof. The cost of integrating such features has to be taken into account while setting a budget for your new car.
  • Custom Build: If you want to make a custom build version of a specific car model, you can do that by talking to a dealer who will then order it from the manufacturer on your behalf.

For obvious reasons, it’ll take longer to obtain a custom-built car than the one you choose from the existing stock at the dealership.

Avail a Dealer Invoice Report!

Can’t afford the time to keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website, dealership, or print ads around-the-clock to luck into the best car deal?

Car Cost Canada’s dealer invoice report is exactly what you need. It will entail an easy-to-understand breakdown of the total car price which will firm up your negotiation, along with an ability to compare different car models that fall within your price range. With everything at one place, all you need to do is to select your model and trim level.

Not sure how this dealer invoice report by Car Cost Canada can lead you to your favourite car, at a much lower price? Get a gist by requesting for a free report. No more awkwardness in face-to-face negotiations now!

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Advantages of the GMC Sierra

Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle or curious to see why the GMC Sierra is so popular, learning about the advantages of the car is beneficial. This light-duty pick-up truck is designed to have a striking appearance with GMC Signature lighting. This bold and advanced design delivers an attractive aesthetic of the vehicle, showcases the advanced lighting, and the integrated innovation.

Compared to its competitors, it has great advantages that brings it a step forward in the realm of vehicles. However, when it comes to getting the best price for the vehicle, there are options such as obtaining a dealer invoice which will highlight the hidden rebates and financial benefits you can get that the dealership will not show.

Keep reading to learn about the aspects of the GMC Sierra and why these components bring advantages to the vehicle:

Interior Design

The interior design encompasses the seats, comfortability for driver and passengers, manual use, etc. This is important as it needs to function properly but also provide comfort for users.

One of the ways the GMC Sierra stands out from its competitors is its 10-way power for both driver and front passenger seats. A competitor such as Ram Laramie only has a 10-way power driver seat but for the passenger seat, limiting that comfortability. In addition, the superior seat-positioning function allows for a tilt and telescoping steering column that helps drivers fine-tune their position for driving.

Diving further into detail, the Sierra includes the following:

  • Available heated and ventilated seating
  • Available heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Available wireless charging mats
  • Centre console big enough to hold file folders, laptops, and more
  • Under-seat storage
  • Cargo box conveniences

Exterior Framework

The exterior framework may have less impact on how comfortable sitting in your car is but the GMC Sierra provides a striking appearance with high quality GMC lighting surrounding the vehicle. The framework is important for driving comfort as well as ensuring that your vehicle is strong enough to withstand certain weathers while driving through certain conditions.

The vehicle has better traction than most pick-up tricks as it features a standard automatic locking rear differential whereas competitors offer a limited-slip differential. In addition, there are longer lasting brake rotors on the GMC Sierra as it has Duralife brake rotors that are engineered to resist corrosion, perfect for rough road conditions.

With that in mind, the drive of the Sierra provides maximum horsepower and torque; with 420 HP puts out 25 more horsepower and 50 more lb.-ft. of torque than regular competitor vehicles.

Build-In Technology

As technology continues to advance, many vehicles have built-in systems that assist with things such as phone calls, GPS, and music selection. Although this is not mandatory, it is extremely helpful as it can assist with multi-functions that would normally require multiple devices and people to handle.

For starters, the GMC Sierra has a standard Remote Vehicle Starter System, perfect for those who want to preheat or cool their car before entering. This is a great option that allows those that live in environments with constantly changing weather. The OnStar limited Feature Set of Remote Link is something that the GMC Sierra provides for 5 years which allows the user to control their car directly from their smartphone, providing convenience no matter where you are. With your smartphone in the vehicle, the Sierra has a Siri Eyes Free voice command feature that allows you to utilize your phone safely while driving.

Lastly, the safety technology that is built in provides features such as the Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and a Safety Alert Seat which is key for big vehicles like a pick-up truck as blind spots add up. When it comes to emergencies, like your vehicle being stolen or a car crash, the tech is wired with two programs that help: Onstar’s Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, which the police can use to slow down your car, and the Automatic Crash Notification, which sends assistance automatically after a collision.

In Conclusion…

With each of these components and their advantages over their competitors, it is without a doubt that the GMC Sierra is a top contender for pickup trucks. Between the built-in tech and the interior comfort, it provides flexibility and versatility to its users.

If you’re looking to purchase a GMC Sierra, take a look at our services to learn more about dealer invoice prices and how you can save money!

Auto Insurance – These Little Known Factors Have a BIG Impact on How Much You Pay

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting experience for many reasons. You now have a valuable asset under your belt and you have the convenience of going places not feasible without a vehicle. Prior to purchasing a vehicle, nearly everyone has (and should’ve) done their research with regards to factors such as price, efficiency, safety, and durability. Particularly, car deals in Canada, are what most people research before making the purchase, hence, they seldom go to a dealership with an intent to buy without knowing the basic cost of the vehicles. This research eliminates the shock of hearing the price tag of the vehicle you so badly want because you already know the ballpark.

While most of us know the price of the vehicle we are going to purchase is, we tend to put aside future costs that are necessary for owning a vehicle. The biggest investment when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, aside from the price of the vehicle itself, is auto insurance. In Canada, every vehicle is required to be insured- no exceptions. The price of insurance is based on a plethora of factors and it is imperative to research this component of purchasing a vehicle as well.

What factors determine your auto insurance rate?

The car/model you drive

This is one of the primary factors that sway your insurance premium. There are many key metrics that determine what your insurance rate will be. Prior to deciding what amount of premium should be set, every car is first field tested in a variety of aspects; the likelihood of it crashing, the likelihood of passengers getting injured in the crash, the likelihood of it getting stolen (cars that are on the most-stolen list will have a higher insurance), etc. Insurers also assess how powerful the engine is, as in many cases, cars with a powerful engine are more prone to crashes when operated by inexperienced drivers.

Past driving record

Good drivers usually pay less because the likelihood and frequency with which they submit a claim are very low. If you have received any tickets or convictions regarding your actions behind the wheel, your premium will increase quite drastically. Moreover, your premium will also skyrocket if you are a new driver as seasoned drivers are regarded as having more experience on the road and are unlikely to encounter accidents. There are some insurers who provide accident forgiveness, which means that there will not be a hike in the premium for the first accident.

Where you live

Your place of residency has quite a significant effect on your premium. For example, if you live in a highly-populated area, such as Toronto, your rates will be a lot higher than if you were to live in a rural area with a lower population, such as Belleville. If you are in a highly-populated area, you are more likely to be involved in a collision due to an influx of congestion.

Your current age

rates are typically higher for those under 25. The lower age demographic hosts new drivers, young adults who may feel “invincible” behind the wheel, and G1 and G2 class drivers. Rates drop when a person obtains their full G class license and again when they turn 25- provided they maintained a clean driving record prior to.

The age of the vehicle you drive

the type of car you drive and it’s age play a critical role in determining your premium costs. The older the vehicle, the more likely it is to incur maintenance. The more luxurious a car is, the more it will cost to repair, thus, rates will be more expensive. There are many new cars on the market that boost lower premiums whilst providing the comfort and convenience.

What cars are the cheapest to insure in 2018?

The Group Rating Panel is the de facto system through which car models are assigned to a pre-set insurance group ranging from 1 to 50. 1 indicates cars that are very cheap to insure and 50 indicates those cars that come with exorbitant insurance rates. Here’s a list of the cars that fall under the lowest auto insurance group.

Nissan Micra

Shaking off the clunky exteriors of its predecessor, the Nissan Micra is one of the cheapest cars to insure depending on your driving history and a host of other factors.

Volkswagen Polo

The sixth generation sedan is another fixture in group 1 and many of the company’s models fall under this category.

Ford Fiesta

A crowd favourite, the Ford Fiesta is a prime example of a quality car that can be cheaply insured. Two of its style trims fall under insurance group 2.

Seat Ibiza

The 1.0 litre S and SE iterations of the Seat Ibiza fall under insurance group 2. These handy cars have impressed critics and are everything you could possibly hope to have in a small car.

Hyundai i10

Insurance-wise, the i10 is much cheaper than the previous models and is perfect for new drivers as it falls under the first insurance group.

Looking for a new car? Request a free dealer invoice report!

A dealer invoice report is absolutely essential to stay informed before purchasing your new car. Car Cost Canada provides reliable, trusted and professional reports that keep you in the loop and ensure that you don’t regret your purchase later on. Call us today at 1.866.453.6995 and we’d be happy to help!

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Car Online In Canada

This worldwide trend of online shopping has amazingly seeped into nearly every aspect of our daily living, and cars are no exceptions to it. Right from identifying the right type of car which aligns with the lifestyle and financial position to the actual buying process, a mounting number of people in Canada are these days turning to the internet to buy a car.

Here are top five reasons why there’s been an exponential increase in the number of online car buyers in Canada, particularly in the past couple of years:

Comparison Shopping

The comparison is at the nexus of finding a good deal, and this is absolutely true in case of car buying. When you have multiple cars specs screens opened up in front of your eyes, it’ll be far easier to look at different features in different car models and go for the one that perfectly clicks with what you need. Think about the time and resources that you’d otherwise have to invest into visiting several automakers’ showrooms and then exploring to chance upon a good deal. With comparison shopping, you can essentially make different dealerships compete with each other while you wait for the best deal.

Information Overload

With a plethora of dedicated online information resources, you’ll know everything you need to know to hammer out a good deal. You can wield this knowledge to avoid the shell games that usually happen at dealerships. Make sure to get hold of dealer invoice reports provided by Car Cost Canada which will enlighten you on the dealer cost, as well as other hidden charges or incentives and rebates you may be entitled to. When you have this report in your negotiation meeting, the ball is in your court, and the dealers will know they’ve to give you a good deal or risk losing a sale.

No Pushing Salesmen

An excellent reason to buy the car online! Buying a new car is a major decision that’s indeed going to cost you a substantial amount of money. Now you want to take your time, think over several options, rethink on the selected few and then try to arrive at a conclusion. You can’t do that when you are surrounded by pushy salesmen who are more inclined towards achieving their monthly car selling targets than genuinely assisting you in making the right choice. Although not all salesmen are alike, it’d serve you better if you have sufficient time and space to make a decision, without any pressure.

It’s Easy to Walk Away

It can be difficult, not to mention downright awkward when despite hearing this great car advice from someone, you still have a whiff of doubt about the deal and don’t wish to proceed. With online buying, there’s no one sitting across the desk to persuade you to make the decision, which means you’re in a better position to walk away.

Shop Beyond Your City

Online car buying allows you to extend your shopping horizon beyond the local city. Purchasing a car from another city or state, however, may incur extra taxes and travel expenses, but this can enable you to buy exactly what you’re looking for. This is important especially when you have your eyes on a particular car model. If you’re willing to wait a bit, there are many online dealerships that can arrange for your vehicle to be transported to a local dealer who will then deliver it to you, saving you the travel costs.

The entire process is simple and convenient, allowing you to browse through hundreds of cars before finally making the decision. If needed, you can also get professionals’ assistance through live chat or telephone.

How can Car Cost Canada Assist you?

Car Cost Canada deals in providing dealer invoice reports to car buyers who are looking to find a good price on their choice of vehicle. All you need to do is to select the vehicle brand and model you’re interested in and that’s it. Apart from that, Car Cost Canada also connects the potential car buyers with reliable dealerships who are located in their vicinity and committed to providing the best possible service to customers. To get an idea how the process works, you can request for a free report as well.

Contact Car Cost Canada professionals for more information!

How To Go About Car Comparison in Canada

When you have finally decided to buy a car, be it old or a new one, this triggers a whole new string of other minor decisions to make. From what price range suits your set budget to whether you should go for an SUV, a coupe or a sedan and which add-ons or options you truly need, the questions are plenty.

Obviously, there are umpteen factors to take into account and each buyer’s priorities may differ from that of other. As per the data gathered in a Global Consumer Survey, safety and fuel efficiency occupy the top spots in most people’s checklist when shopping around. These two characteristics have superseded other aspects such as customer service, warranty, driving comfort, design, price, spaciousness and brand loyalty, by a substantial margin.

Here is a list of some important parameters you may want to consider to be able to compare different car models like a pro:


The more horsepower a car’s engine has, the easier it is for the vehicle to merge with the rest of the traffic on the highway, get around on the busy streets and reach the desired cruising speed. However, a powerful engine could also translate to less fuel economy. This means you’d have to weigh the two factors carefully and thoroughly when comparing cars and pick the one that makes more sense as per your preferences and needs.

Safety Technology

It’ll take some time to get true self-driving cars on the road. Even though, you’ll find plenty of driver-assist features that greatly enhance the safety element for the driver and other car occupants. Technologies like lane-keeping assistance, automatic braking, blind spot monitors and adaptive cruise control are available on almost all vehicles. When you are looking at two cars, and one of them has all these features as built-in functionality, the additional safety aspect will definitely tip the scale in its favour.

Fuel Economy

How often or how long you are going to be driving? If you love to go on long road trips or have a long commute to work every day, fuel economy should be your #1 consideration. When you are comparing two cars, don’t just look at the sticker price, but also think about how much it’s going to cost in maintenance over the long run. An automobile that seems comparatively cheaper upfront may end up costing you way more at the workshops.  

Extra Charges

When exploring a new car, there are several extra charges to bear in mind. These costs may vary from model to model, and you need to compare them carefully as you decide to buy. A smart decision would be to get a dealer invoice report just like the one from Car Cost Canada that will give you a thorough idea of invoice prices, destination charges, and even various incentives that you may be entitled to. The more information you have at your disposal, the easier it is to catch a good deal when you see it.

Reliable Ratings by Other Buyers

If you are shopping for a new car, then you probably intend to have that automobile in your garage for many years to come, so be extra cautious and check out the reliability ratings on the internet before you actually buy it. Not all cars are constructed equally when it comes to long-term maintenance, and purchasing one with not-so-good rating can cost you a good amount of money in unnecessary repairs. As it is with fuel economy, it pays to consider the total ownership costs, instead of just looking at the up-front price.

Other Desirable Features to Look For in New Cars!

From high-tech tailgates that provide effortless access to innovative in-built air ionizer that fights foul fragrances, the automakers are attempting to incorporate the best of the latest technology in their lineup of vehicles. This is a good opportunity for car buyers to narrow down some desired features they’d like to have in the car:

Mobile Apps

Keyless entry with a simple push-button start has become more of a norm now than a special feature. Now specific mobile apps have kicked into the arena which allow you to remote stop, lock, start and unlock the vehicle from your smartphone, regardless of where you are. Just imagine: in winters, you can start your vehicle five minutes before so that you can have a warm seat waiting for you.

Auto Stop/Start

Obtaining an optimal gas mileage is a major consideration for city drivers since they spend an hour a day, on an average, in stop-and-go traffic conditions. A new feature to combat this is an auto stop-start one – where the engine shuts off when the driver comes to a complete halt and turns back on when the driver lifts the foot off the brake.

Auto High Beams

This feature is extremely essential for nighttime driving. Whenever a vehicle approaches your car or you enter in an area illuminated by street lights, this feature will automatically sense it and dip your car’s high beam.

In-car WiFi

Everybody loves using GPS, watching music and streaming favourite music while driving the car. That’s why in-car WiFi has gained a huge momentum lately. Using this, you can connect multiple devices to your vehicle’s WiFi at once, without stressing about draining your mobile data.

Want to know the dealer cost of your car? Contact Car Cost Canada today to get a comprehensive dealer invoice report!

Top 6 Myths About Purchasing A New Car

Sometimes a little change doesn’t hurt, especially if your car is old or breaking down, you might be obligated to move on to your next automobile. The joy and excitement of buying a new vehicle can come with many circumstances. You want to be able to buy something that is suitable to your lifestyle and perhaps a car that you may find an interest in driving. One main part of the shopping process is finding a price that fits within your budget. Finding car deals in Canada can be easily done by using the services provided by CarCostCanada. We offer free invoice car reports for the appropriate Canadian listing prices of vehicles. Our easy step-by-step guide will enable your shopping experience to become trouble-free. You may think to yourself if there are other pertaining methods that could be used when buying a new car. Well, unfortunately, most of those word-of-mouth methods are actually myths. This article will outline the following myths that you may or may not have heard about.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Our friends and family usually give us advice about life, or even advice about how and when to buy a new car. Many of this counseling information is not exactly proven to be true, and some of them are just plain wrong. Before asking yourself multiple questions about what tactics to use, here is a list of the top 6 myths about purchasing a new car:

Myth 1: You’re more likely to be taken seriously if you inform the seller that you’re paying in cash – Absolutely wrong, this is not a tactic that dealers will fall for or are willing to negotiate. Don’t assume that because you are offering cash, you will get a better price. Believe it or not, if they have your cash offer and the same price offer from another customer that is financing, they will accept the offer from the client who is financing every time because of the incentives.

Myth 2: Buy the car today, or say farewell to the deal – There is no race or stopwatch while looking for a new vehicle to purchase. Unless the car you’re looking into is in short supply or there’s a sale going on, you’ll be able to find comparable, or even better, deals in the days to come of your search. Either way, whether it’s a lower interest rate rather than a rebate, the overall price difference won’t vary by too much.

Myth 3: Accepting the rebate is always desirable – If you are a long-term investor, someone who purchases a car to drive for many years, making payments with a 0% loan may be the preferable option you are looking for. This myth will oftentimes hold up for those who are not long-term investors, but rather short-term buyers who like to switch up their cars from time to time.

Myth 4: Don’t ever make the choice of financing at the dealership – Contrary to what you may have been told, most dealerships have agreements with credit unions. What this essentially means is that you can get the same rate your local union offers. It can actually save you a lot of time, money and the unnecessary stress. More often than not, the rate can actually be even better.

Myth 5: Waiting last minute will get you the best offer – This most definitely qualifies as a myth because this is not something you can always depend on. Take for example your local dealership, they are down to its last few cars and on the brisk of meeting the manufacturer sales goal. If you buy something in stock, you may be able to pay a slightly lower price. However, if they’ve already reached their limit, then the deal on the last day of the month will probably be no different than the one you would get on the first.

Myth 6: Don’t mention the trade-in vehicle until you finalize the cost of the new car, then spring it on the salesperson – This is not the first time a salesperson has heard of this strategy. This tactic almost never works, the most effective approach is to compartmentalize the deal. Know the price of your trade-in by doing your research to get its actual worth. If you don’t completely agree with the offer for your trade-in, pursue other trade-in options.

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Toyota Tundra – For Your Never-Ending Off-Road Adventure in Summers!

The summer is in full swings now, with many adventure enthusiasts escaping to the nature for off-road activities like camping and hiking, whereas others heading to a lakeshore with a canoe tied to their car’s roof. No matter what satiates your hunger for adventure, Toyota Tundra is here to add “more” to the experience, allowing you to enjoy the precious summer time to the fullest, without a hitch.

Before we go deeper into how Toyota Tundra is your perfect ride to go on off-road summer escapade, it’d be good to know that you can get dealer invoice price report on Toyota Tundra for absolutely free from Car Cost Canada! This report is absolutely essential to have in hands when you are at a dealership exerting yourself to find the best deal on Toyota Tundra. Beyond the dealer costs, what this report will tell you are the applicable incentives which you can be entitled to (and which many dealerships usually forget to mention to their customers). So clearly this report will give you an edge while negotiating with the dealers.

What makes Toyota Tundra the most reliable?

For starters, it gives you the feel of a perfect truck, but without the obnoxious sound. It’s durable, strong and spacious, having an uncanny dexterity with all kinds of terrain. This is the truck you would like to take to camping, load with firewood to the max and haul the canoes in – something which everyone loves to do once in a while. The seating position, throttle feel, brake, and steering – all combine to elevate Toyota Tundra ahead of its counterparts by a great margin. Especially the 1794 Edition Tundra which delivers great shock damping and torsional rigidity is a pleasure to pilot. Popularly referred to as a “luxury truck”, it can give you the luxurious experience of a sedan, but at the same time drive through uneven, cottage roads with ease, not the mention the unmatched style.

A power-packed engine that delivers!

The heart of Toyota Tundra 2018 5.7L i-Force V8 engine is the largest displacement of any engine in the brand’s history. The massive 32-valve DOHC power plant provides 381 horsepower and 401 lb. -fit torque, – which means better and more powerful performance on road. It gives a satisfying rumble, without feeling like it’s working very hard to run at higher speeds, unlike smaller engines that feel like screaming when trying to keep up with higher speeds, especially while cruising off-roads.

Available with an exclusive off-road package!

Well, what more you could have asked for! If off-road is where your heart lies, Toyota Tundra has dedicated TRD offroad package for some of its CrewMax and Double Cab models with a unique exterior color “Inferno”. To make your adventure stress-free, Toyota Tundra off-road package makes your truck’s exterior powerful enough to deal with whatever comes in the way, through features such as fuel tank protector plates, 18” alloy wheels, and all-terrain tires, and Bilstein shock absorbers. An equal amount of focus has been given to the interior to make the driving safe and comfortable, through the integration of anti-theft and navigation systems, a power sliding rear window, and heated front seats.

Accessories to elevate the safety factor!

Although Toyota Tundra models are already packed richly enough to afford you a safe drive, if you still have any concerns left, do away with all of them by going for Toyota accessories such as Genuine dash camera, TRD front skid plate and Towing hitch ball. When you are cruising the bumpy roads with possible hill sections ahead, you’re likely to come across flying stones or branches that can damage your truck and hence your ardent quest for adventure. The front skid plate will protect your vehicle’s underbody against any kind of road debris, allowing you to keep on truckin.

Want to make your off-road adventure more memorable with Toyota Tundra? The Toyota Genuine Dash camera will do just that by safely recording the ongoings of the road while you keep your eyes on the road in front of you. You never ever have to miss a moment with Tundra as you can capture it. You can also use this camera to record the surroundings when the truck is parked. Some other accessories that can be purchased to add more functionality to your Toyota Tundra truck are soft tri-fold Tonneau cover, front door sill protectors, side step bars, Chrome Tailgate insert badge, running boards, towing mirrors (for both left and right sides), and Chrome accent package.  

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Don’t Get Taken for a Ride – What Are the Hidden Fees Associated With Buying a New Car?

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? If so, your biggest concern is wading through bogus deals to find a car that offers the maximum value at the minimum cost. The last thing you want to do is pay an arm and a leg because of misleading price quotes that may not reveal accurate figures right at the outset of the purchase. Once you’ve haggled with your dealer and arrived at a price point you’re happy with, it’s important to bear in mind that other auxiliary costs await you.

A vehicle that retails for $50,000 can well end up dinging your finances to the extent of $55,000 through hidden fees. To understand exactly what you’ll be spending at the close of the deal and after, it’s crucial to refer to a reliable car invoice report. This will help immensely – not only in car price comparisons but also understanding all the hidden costs associated with your new car.  

Here the five hidden fees that you should be privy to before you set your sights on your next ride:

  • Registration and Licensing Fees

This differs from one province to another and one vehicle to another. Ranging anywhere from $50 to $500, each province levies its own licensing and registration fees. For the most part, these fees remain unchanged regardless of the vehicle. However, there are cases when the fees may vary drastically from one car to another depending on the price point, year, weight and taxable value of the vehicle along with the driving record of the owner.

If you’re purchasing a used car, you will need to register it within 6 days at a ServiceOntario centre from the date of purchase. When purchasing a new car, your dealer will take care of the registration for you. Apart from this, retail sales tax is also applied to the transaction and will have to be paid when you register. If you have outstanding fees attached to the license plate, these will be added to the overall fee.

  • Insurance

Car insurance is quite a hefty fee and in most cases, even trumps other monthly payments on your car. Your average insurance policy can be around $200 per month. This cannot be avoided as it is the law to have auto insurance before operating your vehicle. Depending on several aspects such as the model of the car you want to purchase, the city and province you live in, your insurance provider and your and your family’s ages and driving records, the premium you pay for liability, collision and comprehensive insurance will fluctuate. This is definitely something that you want to give due thought to before you set out to purchase your car.  

  • Maintenance and Repair Bills

As any car owner knows, car maintenance bills can lead to a lot of financial distress, especially when these accumulate over time. These can skyrocket to as high as $500 – $600 every three months. Repairs are unpredictable as they are inevitable, and that’s not counting the routine maintenance that has to be carried out to ensure your car remains in tip top shape.

Being that the maintenance costs on modern cars aren’t as high as on older cars, most manufacturers have expanded their warranty coverage and offer free repair services for a specific period after the car has been purchased. With this in mind, it is important to assess whether holding on to a car for a long period will reap a more beneficial projected maintenance and repair outlook after the warranty expires. The general rule of thumb is to go for a vehicle that has a reasonable warranty period to cover future bills and also opt for a model that is cheaper to maintain. Be sure to inquire about the extended warranty on your car and what it will and will not take care of.

  • Tolls, Parking and Anti-Theft Add-ons

This is a crucial factor to consider prior to purchase. Depending on where you reside, parking and toll fees can be exorbitant. Upwards of $100 per month can be accounted for in parking charges for those areas where it’s much harder to find parking. Additionally, if you want to opt for various add ons, such as an anti-theft feature, you will be shelling out way more than you bargained for during the initial purchase.

  • Fuel Economy

Gas prices, being as unstable as they are, are a serious investment. It is highly advisable that you make yourself aware of the fuel consumption of the vehicle you’re interested in purchasing and then assessing whether that fits with your budget. Depending on the size of the tank, different cars will consume fuel at different rates. If you make a smart and informed decision about the ideal car for you, it could potentially save you a bundle on gas money.

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