First Look: The 2019 Honda Accord Sedan (Specs, Price, Launch Date and More)

Folks, it’s here. And how!

Meet the new and improved 2019 Honda Accord sedan. Refined premium interiors, two powerful hybrid engines and a boldly revamped body are just some of the specs that promise to set your pulse soaring.

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Sporty Handling and Sleek Visuals

Since it made its debut in November 2018, the 2019 Accord is already a force to be reckoned with at just 3 months old. It boasts of an aggressive sporty aesthetic while still maintaining its immutably handsome figure. Borrowing much of its visuals from the most recent Civic, the vehicle is available in six trim levels: Sport, Sport 2.0, LX, EX-L, Touring, Touring 2.0.



The 2019 model comes with a 5-seater layout, hitting that sweet spot of being a family vehicle and a sports car. Owners won’t have to worry about storage space as the car has an ample cargo section. Passengers in the rear enjoy 60/40 split seating that affords a luxurious feel. The front seats aren’t to be outdone just yet. They come with flexible and adjustable positioning as well as cooling and heating features.



Moreover, the Japanese automaker has aimed to combine style and stunning visuals with the 19” aluminum-alloy wheels.


LED Headlights and Taillights

This car takes a three-pronged approach to illuminating the road. The headlights, daytime running lights and taillights – all LED based – promise to pioneer an all new style signature. The LED fog lights, on the other hand, expertly penetrate through hazy weather to help avoid collisions.



Ventilation is not something that Honda wants you to do without. A one-touch button powers the retractable moonroof to open or close it using a tilt feature.



The 1.5-litre, 10-valve, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine in the LX puts you way ahead of the pack. In the Sport trim, you have the reins over the buttery smooth 6-speed manual transmission system.

All in all? Look out for dynamic angles, a wide stance and a longer wheelbase.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Techno-junkies can expect a bundle of surprises with the 2019 Accord. The vehicle has a state-of-the-art steering wheel that uses fingerprint technology. The 452-watt AM/FM acoustic system allows for MP3/Windows Media Audio playback. And the cabin is immediately converted into an impressive sound stage with the 10-speaker system.

The in-car infotainment system is fully compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, lending you unlimited access to news, playlists and navigation, using the ever-reliable HondaLink. Both the EX and the Touring share the same 8-inch display. Two USB ports and a volume knob are thrown in for added convenience.

The Touring models offer the driver increased navigation capabilities, HD digital traffic updates, voice recognition and other assorted cloud-based services.

Even the staunchest of cynics can’t deny that the car’s Driver Assist Technology, especially in light of Ontario’s 2019 distracted driving rules, is a major godsend. Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, LaneWatch and blind spot detectors as well as a cross-traffic monitor join forces to make sure that your on-road experience is a safe and pleasurable one.


The Price Point?

For the sheer magnitude of its features, the 2019 Honda Accord is available at a modest price point of:

  • 28,090 CAD for the LX
  • 30,090 CAD for the Sport
  • 32,790 CAD for the EX-L
  • 33,090 CAD for the Sport 2.0
  • 36,090 CAD for the Touring
  • 39,090 CAD for the Touring 2.0

Given its upscale features, spacious accommodations, large trunk space and hybridized powertrain, many Honda aficionados consider this a worthwhile investment.


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These Stunning Audi Cars Will Revolutionize the Road in 2019

Audi Canada has risen through the ranks to symbolize prestige in the minds of many. It’s no surprise that the German luxury automaker, under its parent company Volkswagen, has established itself as a frontrunner for innovation and quality in the automobile industry.

Manufacturing vehicles since 1910, you wouldn’t be remiss to associate its premium cars with unmatched engineering excellence in terms of reliability and performance, much like you would its counterparts Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Fast forwarding 109 years to 2019, the automaker has much in store for car enthusiasts, whether it be in the form of hatchbacks, sports coupes, electric crossovers, sedans, and the likes. This lineup will attempt to transform every facet of the automotive industry.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the much-awaited Audi cars that, just by specs and visuals alone, leave the competition in the dust.


Audi 2019 A6 Sedan

The fifth-generation A6, a midsize luxury sedan, is perhaps the most highly-endorsed Audi vehicle this year. It promises to spearhead an all-new design language for the automaker while still incorporating conventional class standards.

This vehicle will showcase a refined cabin and creased bodywork to boot. Under the hood, the discernible driver will find a 6-cylinder engine, 7-gear transmission, capable of producing 335 HP.

The car’s revamped design is augmented with a brand new MMI infotainment system (though some prefer the previous version with the dial controller) and a new V6 mild hybrid powertrain. Overall, the driver can expect a strong performance and a pleasurable cruise in its plush interiors. Just like its predecessor, its on-road behaviour is much the same, offering a mix of sporty handling and comfort.


Audi 2019 Q3

Audiences will recognize that the Q3 debuted way back in 2011 and has come a long way since – if the 2019 model is anything to go by. The second-generation Q3 will feature revamped exteriors to mimic the same standards exhibited by the new Audi SUVs and crossovers.

The Q3 comes with some interesting specs – a 2.0-liter engine with 4 cylinders, capable of producing 200 HP. Aside from the U.S. lineup, there will be a more potent RS Q3 allowing overseas buyers to access a whopping 363 HP engine. By and large, the Q3 promises to spruce up the underdeveloped lineup currently seen in U.S. markets. The automaker has promised to release more info closer to the on-sale date.  


Audi 2019 R8

When the R8 was initially released in 2006, it quickly made it to every auto lover’s must-watch list. Even as subsequent rollouts occurred over the years, the model still headlines this segment over a decade down the road.

The sports car will witness a few small cosmetic transformations in the new year, mostly to its front and back fascias. Buyers can also expect new and improved interiors, with the stunning Audi Virtual Cockpit infotainment system stealing the spotlight from other in-car sundries.

As far as the engine is concerned, two models will be available: the 533-HP V10 and the 602-HP V10. The internet has been rife with rumors about the 2019 R8 being designed with a twin-turbocharged V6 to pack more heat, but the automaker has largely dispelled these claims.


Audi 2019 Q8

With Audi’s extensive 2019 lineup, it’s impossible to cover every single one in this article, however, failing to make a mention of the Q8 is a cardinal sin. The Q8 has quite some overlapping features with Audi’s flagship sedan, the A8.

A quick glance at the Q8 reveals sharp headlights, tail lights, and a sturdy grille. It will be a little shorter than the Q7 but with 3 extra inches on its width. If you expect to see the third-row seating as observed in the Q7, you will be disappointed. The Q8 has conventional seating that only accommodates four or five. With the base engine, you can expect a 2.0 liter, 252 HP, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine.

More information will filter through with the car’s approaching Hong Kong debut this June.


Audi 2019 e-tron Quattro

Apart from Audi’s soon-to-be-released Q8 crossover, the Quattro is another new flagship product to hit dealerships in 2019. This compact fully electric car promises solid underpinnings and will borrow its design from the Q8.

The powertrain is the central focus of the Quattro and will feature about three motors with a 95-kilowatt-hour battery pack, capable of producing 429 HP. The electric crossover is estimated to offer the driver 300 miles on just one charge. These numbers are subject to minor speculation and the automaker may choose to pack in even more heat.


Any of These Beauties Catch Your Eye?

Audi has an impressive lineup of luxury vehicles in 2019, estimated at an average price point of 50,000 – 70,000 USD.

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2019 Vehicle Rollouts: These New Cars Are Keeping Everyone in Breathless Anticipation!

Say hello to the graduate class of 2019. Pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles promise to make a big splash in car sales in the new year. Expect an extensive lineup of completely revamped luxury cars, family sedans, and sports coupes. If you’re looking for the best new car deals in Canada, we suggest sticking around.

In this article, we break down some highly anticipated new releases that will hit dealerships very soon. Don’t pay the full MSRP for your new vehicle. With Car Cost Canada, get a free dealer invoice report that gives you access to certified dealerships,  lowest price offers, rebates and lets you successfully avoid the hidden fees!

Without further ado, let’s delve into the three new 2019 releases that car enthusiasts are most looking forward to:


Audi 2019 A8

Audi’s flagship sedan boasts of several improved features such as comfortable and spacious wood trimmed interiors as well as a dual screen infotainment system that gives the driver access to virtual cockpit operations. The fourth generation vehicle focuses on passenger comfort. Interactivity with the configurable infotainment system takes place either through haptic controls or voice commands.

To add to the luxuriousness of it all, the model comes with several auxiliaries such as a heatable center console, plush armrests and a dual tablet system for the rear passengers’ entertainment.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. The rear seats are very amenable to elevate comfort levels. They massage, recline and come with fully adjustable foot- and headrests.

How about the engine? Well, the 2019 model ups the ante and has a V6 turbo powered engine (3.0 litres). To afford enhanced vehicular dynamics, it also offers active suspension and is available with 48-volt technology.

As part of its semi-autonomous safety features, the R8 offers auto braking to curb the likelihood of collisions. This system will prove to be more useful than you realize in light of the updated 2019 distracted driving laws in Ontario, which convicts drivers who get distracted when using a handheld cellular device, eating or reading. Fines soar as high as $1,000. The Audi R8 lets you stay connected while never taking your eyes off the road.


Mercedes-Benz 2019 S-Class Sedan

Mercedes-Benz has made some tall promises for 2019 and from the looks of it, the German automobile company has every intention of keeping them. A single glance will reveal that the S-Class cuts a more exclusive figure than previous models. It’s two-tone exterior paint finish and pinstripe-inspired grille stay true to the automaker’s conventional pedigree.

With the spacious interiors, both driver and passenger comfort exceeds newer heights. Expect recline and massage rear seats and individual front seats that have a folding table option. The S-Class’s LED lighting is a beacon of convenience for drivers. With the Ultra Wide Beam technology, tricky curves and turns in the road are illuminated.

The automaker has even surpassed itself with its advanced driver assistance technology – a godsend to help drivers avoid collisions when distracted behind the wheel. As mentioned before, in light of the new distracted driving laws, any autonomous specs are a welcome addition in 2019.

You can switch lanes at the tap of a button, be alerted of danger on the streets ahead and even access the car’s automatic drive options – it detects toll booths or exits and slows itself upon nearing them.

Navigation and entertainment never take the back seat with a beauty like this. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are fully compatible. The infotainment system’s stellar interface integrates with your phone and offers voice control interactivity. Whether you’re at the front or back, you can access wireless charging features on the go.


Genesis 2019 G70

Genesis, the luxury branch of its parent company Hyundai, is introducing an entry-level sports sedan G70, that will follow in the footsteps of the larger G80 and G90 models. The attractive sedan is much more compact than its predecessors and comes in five trim levels: Advanced, Elite, Prestige, Dynamic and Sport.

The driver is able to configure their G70 as they like by choosing from two engines, two transmissions and from an all-wheel or a rear-wheel drive. The Genesis G70 comes with five powertrain options, with the 2.0-litre engines boasting of 255 horsepower being at the starting tier and a 3.3-litre engine with 365 horsepower being at the top tier.

The interior of the car doesn’t disappoint either. Neat and clean lines characterize the vehicle’s exterior, while the automakers clearly maintained a driver-oriented layout. The 7-inch LCD touchscreen and accessible analog controls are positioned on the central instrument panel. Additionally, the driver will find an 8-inch screen that rests on the centre stack, as well as two neat rows of easy-to-use buttons for climate and audio control options.

To make your cruise that much more pleasurable, Android and Apple CarPlay compatibility come standard with your car. You can even access Qi wireless charging, navigation and a 660-watt Lexicon acoustic system.

These Cars Will Arrive at Your Local Dealership Very Soon

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The Future Fleet of Vehicles is Here: What to Look Out for in 2019

The past year alone we have seen an increase in futuristic features brought forth to vehicles. From infotainment systems to autopilot, vehicles have certainly come a long way. Many new drivers are learning in vehicles that do a substantial amount of work for them through features such as assisted lane changing, back up cameras, parking assistance, etc. Although this may sound like a lot, it’s only the beginning. Many new cars rolling out in Canada next year are jam-packed with features that are changing the way we as humans drive. If you are looking to get your hands on a vehicle of the future whilst simultaneously getting the best deal possible on said vehicle, you’re in luck. Our dealer invoice report can help you save money on your new 2019 vehicle. So, what exactly should you look out for in 2019?

Electric vehicles

Surprisingly enough, electric cars have been around for quite some time, with the first one being manufactured in 1884. It wasn’t until the 2000s, however, that electric cars began making waves in the automobile industry. Tesla was one of the first to revolutionize the electric vehicle and since then, a surplus of makers have been diving into the electric vehicle route. Consumers have been happily on board as well, with over 4 million all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road as of September 2018. This number is only set to skyrocket in 2019 and for good reason; electric vehicles are not only better from an environmental standpoint, but they also save owners money as well, with charges costing less than a tank of gas.

Automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and BMW (to name a few) have also dabbled in the electric/hybrid vehicle world, making there own environmentally friendly vehicles. Due to the increase in electric/hybrid vehicles being made, they are being increasingly more affordable to consumers looking for an economical day to day vehicle, hence, why their presence on the road is projected to double. Of course, if you are looking for luxury, there are several makes out there, including BMW’s i8 hybrid which boasts speed, power, and luxury.


Infotainment Systems

Take a look inside any 2019 vehicle and you will more likely than not see an impressive infotainment system. Although infotainment systems have been around for quite some time, their features keep on expanding. What was once just an on-screen radio for your vehicle has now become a hub for performing a plethora of features. From GPS to Bluetooth to temperature control to a fully-functional camera, infotainment systems have essentially become mini computers for your vehicle.

In recent years, Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto have been unveiled, allowing you to utilize several functionalities from your phone through your vehicle including Google Maps, text messages, video, audiobooks, and many more. In 2019, it would come as no surprise that nearly every vehicle comes equipt with an infotainment system that handles a vast variety of vehicle capabilities and features that benefit both the driver and the passengers. With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that as a driver, use of these whilst driving is still illegal, so we suggest utilizing “talk-to-text” or Bluetooth functions, should you need to utilize your infotainment system.


Safety Features

Before we look ahead, let’s look back. A decade ago, learning how to drive a vehicle required was seemingly a more difficult task. There was no backup camera to help you reverse, no lane-assist to cover your blind spots when you forgot, no park assist to help you ace that parallel park every time. Fast forward to the current day and age and vehicles offer assistance for virtually everything. Many 2019 models are coming equipt with or offering packages containing a wide range of features that will aid the driver in performing typical tasks such as parking, changing lanes, reversing, etc. These features are expected to be fine-tuned come 2019 and it will come as no shock if more are revealed. The big ones to look out for are parking assist and lane change assist. With more fine-tuning in the future, these features may eliminate new drivers need for learning how to perform tasks such as parking or the steps they take prior to changing lanes.


Self-Driving Vehicles

More and more automakers are looking into designing the perfect self-driving vehicle. Referring back to Tesla, they were one of the first to introduce this new wave of technology with their autopilot feature. Since then, a plethora of automakers have followed in suit, creating vehicles that function without the need for a driver. Of course, most vehicles are still in beta and many still require a drivers presence. Tesla, for example, requires drivers to have their hands on the steering wheel for a certain period of time. With all this being said, many companies are testing out vehicles where the driver isn’t required to do anything and in some cases, these vehicles do not even have a steering wheel! Creating a self-driving vehicle takes a lot of time due to the many safety features they must factor in on top of standard vehicle safety features. 2019 could see the wake of the self-driving vehicle era.


Bonus: What We Most Likely WON’T See in 2019

While we have come a long way in the automotive industry, there are still some features and ideas that are still years away from becoming reality. Here are just a few features that we will probably not see in 2019 or perhaps, even a few years after:

  • Flying cars. When you think of a vehicle of the future, you think flying cars. Sadly, we are not there just yet and there are no plans from automakers to turn this into reality just yet.
  • All cars will be tiny cars. Some thought that cars of the future would all be compact, however, this is far from reality. The Smart Car is the closest we have to a very compact vehicle and has been the only true competitor for quite some time.
  • No more cars. Others predicted that cars would be obsolete at some point. This seems like a far stretch considering the automotive industry is constantly growing.


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Leasing and Winter Tires: Why The Two Go Hand-In-Hand

It is both interesting and perplexing why the new car automakers have not become heavily involved in a new car winter tire package on the vehicles designated for sale in Canada.  The leasing community which represents the majority of premium and sporty brands of the new vehicles sold in Canada are in need of some innovative and creative solutions regarding winter tires and vehicle leasing.

It is no secret that Canadian weather patterns consist of several months of snowstorms, cold temperatures and snow-packed roads (perhaps parts of southern BC and Vancouver Island could be exempt from this winter statement but let’s agree that Canada is a distinct winter country).  It’s also very evident that the tires installed on the vast majority of new vehicles sold in Canada would be considered “summer” or “sport” tires despite the “all season” moniker that many tires have. In other words, the OEM tires that new cars are delivered with are not very effective in the snow, ice, and temperatures below 5 degrees C.

Jim Matthews, President of LeaseBusters stated, “I can’t speak for all new car buyers but I can certainly relay my experience with customers who take over leases.  The vast majority of lease transfer ‘Buyers’ want winter tires and actually try to negotiate incentives based on their desire for these tires, especially during the winter months”.  Matthews went on to say that, “winter tires are not only a fantastic safety feature for vehicles, they’re also a strategically sound lease investment since most original sets of tires will not survive the full term of the lease whereas a set of summer and a set of winter tires should last the full term of most leases”.

Here’s where the automakers and their dealership network can become trendsetters in the leasing community.  Automakers can use their extensive buying power to acquire above average grade winter tires, steel wheels or an upgraded alloy wheel that dealers can order as an optional feature for their vehicles.  OEM’s can also make these features a dealer installed items that can be ordered through the dealership’s parts department. Factory leasing companies can now authorize winter tire and wheel packages to become part of the new vehicle and thus be eligible to be part of a factory lease package (i.e. part of the MSRP, the residual value and the lease payment).

Winter tire and wheel packages should be part of leases but alas, after researching several OEM dealerships, not one automaker offers this factory option however until that happens, many dealerships offer winter tire packages through their financial services office at the time of sale.  This offer allows leasing customers to add a winter tire and wheel package to their lease payment and be protected throughout the term of the lease. As mentioned, this option will allow both sets of tires to survive the term of the lease and the package can be amortized for the full term of the lease using factory subsidized interest rates.  This is not a perfect solution but it is much better than customers scrambling to find their tire size in stock in mid-to-late November and paying a premium for winter tires.

Other significant advantages to the OEM solution winter tire package solution indicated by Matthews:  “Having winter tires as a factory option converts this option as relevant throughout the spring and summer market (when customers aren’t thinking about the winter) and as importantly, it makes the lease more attractive in the lease-take-over marketplace and lastly, the winter tires can also be insured through the end of lease excess wear and tear protection that can be purchased at the lease’s inception”.

In the end, winter tire and wheel packages should become a mainstream factory option for all new cars sold in Canada.  It saves lives, lowers insurance rates, and reduces driver anxieties during winter driving; all pretty darn good reasons for the automakers to consider or reconsider this initiative.

Best Bang for your Buck Car Deals this Winter

When it comes to looking for a new vehicle, there are several things that are important to take note of: how the car functions and fits with your needs as a driver, the longevity of the vehicle, and price. Now that winter is here and the end of the year is quickly approaching, 2019 models are officially rolling out. This means that there are potential car deals for 2018 models, perfect for those looking for a new car with a great price tag attached.

In addition to car deals coming out, Car Cost Canada is able to provide even further rebates with its service! With accessibility to dealer reports, you are able to see the rebates, discounts, and the value of the vehicle you want, broken down for a better understanding. Utilizing our report allows you to negotiate a price with dealers that are cost-friendly to you – which is why combining that with potential car deals will create great savings for you.

Keep reading to learn about the vehicles that have great rebates and have great benefits:


2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is decked out with a luxurious cabin experience; standard leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob and pending on the version of the car you’re looking for, leather-wrapped interior seating is common. The spaciousness of the vehicle seats 5 and the back seats recline up to 12 degrees. With the rear seats folded, the back can offer 1,934L of cargo space. There is a variety of technology that is combined into the system and provides integration of multimedia functions and key driving and vehicle information. Lastly, this vehicle offers the keyless push to start and go button, pushing for driver convenience.

Since this is a bigger vehicle in size, it provides further convenience for the winter because it will be a stronger vehicle to push through the snowstorms.


2018 Hyundai Tucson

This vehicle provides an influx of technological capabilities such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay that allows for an effortless integration of your phone applications. Like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it has the push button to start and has customizable interiors that include heated seating. Since it is a smaller car, there is less space but even with that being said, the rear seats folded still provide cargo space of 1,754L.

When it comes to the performance of the vehicle, there is technology integrated to help with safety precautions such as hill-start assist control and downhill-brake assistance – which prevents unwanted movements and provides consistent speed in various conditions. This is helpful in the winter where there are already slippery roads but you are able to have this type of integrated tech to further ensure the safety of you as a driver and your passengers.


2018 Kia Optima

The Kia Optima is an awarding winning mid-size sedan. With built-in technology of blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert, there are a multitude of safety features that assist the driver. There is also a screen component that provides rear camera display.

The Optima uses more than 50% Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) and the hot-stamping of components in 16 core stress areas boosts the body structure for better driving dynamics and quieter rides. This vehicle is a front-runner for convenience and built-in safety, which becomes helpful in the winter as the stressful weather can become dangerous.


2018 Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is known for being a great balance between sport and utility. It is a well-equipped car with great built-in features that prove to be an impressive choice. Similar to the Kia Optima, the Toyota RAV4 has safety tech that is similar but they all fall under the umbrella of a system called Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). The TSS comprises of technology that helps the driver’s awareness, decision making, and vehicle operating.

When it comes to the exterior, it has a sport and aerodynamic feel that balances the function with form. Body panels are honed out to smooth out airflow and the stabilizing fins and shark fin antennas help to reduce highway turbulence.


Overall, each of these vehicles has great features and allows for driver and passenger comfortability while utilizing it. With the year ending, each of these cars has cash rebates and deals that put them at unbelievable prices and using Car Cost Canada, you are able to find further rebates and deals that will push for a bargain while you find a car that fits for you!

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Advantages of the GMC Sierra

Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle or curious to see why the GMC Sierra is so popular, learning about the advantages of the car is beneficial. This light-duty pick-up truck is designed to have a striking appearance with GMC Signature lighting. This bold and advanced design delivers an attractive aesthetic of the vehicle, showcases the advanced lighting, and the integrated innovation.

Compared to its competitors, it has great advantages that brings it a step forward in the realm of vehicles. However, when it comes to getting the best price for the vehicle, there are options such as obtaining a dealer invoice which will highlight the hidden rebates and financial benefits you can get that the dealership will not show.

Keep reading to learn about the aspects of the GMC Sierra and why these components bring advantages to the vehicle:

Interior Design

The interior design encompasses the seats, comfortability for driver and passengers, manual use, etc. This is important as it needs to function properly but also provide comfort for users.

One of the ways the GMC Sierra stands out from its competitors is its 10-way power for both driver and front passenger seats. A competitor such as Ram Laramie only has a 10-way power driver seat but for the passenger seat, limiting that comfortability. In addition, the superior seat-positioning function allows for a tilt and telescoping steering column that helps drivers fine-tune their position for driving.

Diving further into detail, the Sierra includes the following:

  • Available heated and ventilated seating
  • Available heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Available wireless charging mats
  • Centre console big enough to hold file folders, laptops, and more
  • Under-seat storage
  • Cargo box conveniences

Exterior Framework

The exterior framework may have less impact on how comfortable sitting in your car is but the GMC Sierra provides a striking appearance with high quality GMC lighting surrounding the vehicle. The framework is important for driving comfort as well as ensuring that your vehicle is strong enough to withstand certain weathers while driving through certain conditions.

The vehicle has better traction than most pick-up tricks as it features a standard automatic locking rear differential whereas competitors offer a limited-slip differential. In addition, there are longer lasting brake rotors on the GMC Sierra as it has Duralife brake rotors that are engineered to resist corrosion, perfect for rough road conditions.

With that in mind, the drive of the Sierra provides maximum horsepower and torque; with 420 HP puts out 25 more horsepower and 50 more lb.-ft. of torque than regular competitor vehicles.

Build-In Technology

As technology continues to advance, many vehicles have built-in systems that assist with things such as phone calls, GPS, and music selection. Although this is not mandatory, it is extremely helpful as it can assist with multi-functions that would normally require multiple devices and people to handle.

For starters, the GMC Sierra has a standard Remote Vehicle Starter System, perfect for those who want to preheat or cool their car before entering. This is a great option that allows those that live in environments with constantly changing weather. The OnStar limited Feature Set of Remote Link is something that the GMC Sierra provides for 5 years which allows the user to control their car directly from their smartphone, providing convenience no matter where you are. With your smartphone in the vehicle, the Sierra has a Siri Eyes Free voice command feature that allows you to utilize your phone safely while driving.

Lastly, the safety technology that is built in provides features such as the Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and a Safety Alert Seat which is key for big vehicles like a pick-up truck as blind spots add up. When it comes to emergencies, like your vehicle being stolen or a car crash, the tech is wired with two programs that help: Onstar’s Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, which the police can use to slow down your car, and the Automatic Crash Notification, which sends assistance automatically after a collision.

In Conclusion…

With each of these components and their advantages over their competitors, it is without a doubt that the GMC Sierra is a top contender for pickup trucks. Between the built-in tech and the interior comfort, it provides flexibility and versatility to its users.

If you’re looking to purchase a GMC Sierra, take a look at our services to learn more about dealer invoice prices and how you can save money!

Auto Insurance – These Little Known Factors Have a BIG Impact on How Much You Pay

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting experience for many reasons. You now have a valuable asset under your belt and you have the convenience of going places not feasible without a vehicle. Prior to purchasing a vehicle, nearly everyone has (and should’ve) done their research with regards to factors such as price, efficiency, safety, and durability. Particularly, car deals in Canada, are what most people research before making the purchase, hence, they seldom go to a dealership with an intent to buy without knowing the basic cost of the vehicles. This research eliminates the shock of hearing the price tag of the vehicle you so badly want because you already know the ballpark.

While most of us know the price of the vehicle we are going to purchase is, we tend to put aside future costs that are necessary for owning a vehicle. The biggest investment when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, aside from the price of the vehicle itself, is auto insurance. In Canada, every vehicle is required to be insured- no exceptions. The price of insurance is based on a plethora of factors and it is imperative to research this component of purchasing a vehicle as well.

What factors determine your auto insurance rate?

The car/model you drive

This is one of the primary factors that sway your insurance premium. There are many key metrics that determine what your insurance rate will be. Prior to deciding what amount of premium should be set, every car is first field tested in a variety of aspects; the likelihood of it crashing, the likelihood of passengers getting injured in the crash, the likelihood of it getting stolen (cars that are on the most-stolen list will have a higher insurance), etc. Insurers also assess how powerful the engine is, as in many cases, cars with a powerful engine are more prone to crashes when operated by inexperienced drivers.

Past driving record

Good drivers usually pay less because the likelihood and frequency with which they submit a claim are very low. If you have received any tickets or convictions regarding your actions behind the wheel, your premium will increase quite drastically. Moreover, your premium will also skyrocket if you are a new driver as seasoned drivers are regarded as having more experience on the road and are unlikely to encounter accidents. There are some insurers who provide accident forgiveness, which means that there will not be a hike in the premium for the first accident.

Where you live

Your place of residency has quite a significant effect on your premium. For example, if you live in a highly-populated area, such as Toronto, your rates will be a lot higher than if you were to live in a rural area with a lower population, such as Belleville. If you are in a highly-populated area, you are more likely to be involved in a collision due to an influx of congestion.

Your current age

rates are typically higher for those under 25. The lower age demographic hosts new drivers, young adults who may feel “invincible” behind the wheel, and G1 and G2 class drivers. Rates drop when a person obtains their full G class license and again when they turn 25- provided they maintained a clean driving record prior to.

The age of the vehicle you drive

the type of car you drive and it’s age play a critical role in determining your premium costs. The older the vehicle, the more likely it is to incur maintenance. The more luxurious a car is, the more it will cost to repair, thus, rates will be more expensive. There are many new cars on the market that boost lower premiums whilst providing the comfort and convenience.

What cars are the cheapest to insure in 2018?

The Group Rating Panel is the de facto system through which car models are assigned to a pre-set insurance group ranging from 1 to 50. 1 indicates cars that are very cheap to insure and 50 indicates those cars that come with exorbitant insurance rates. Here’s a list of the cars that fall under the lowest auto insurance group.

Nissan Micra

Shaking off the clunky exteriors of its predecessor, the Nissan Micra is one of the cheapest cars to insure depending on your driving history and a host of other factors.

Volkswagen Polo

The sixth generation sedan is another fixture in group 1 and many of the company’s models fall under this category.

Ford Fiesta

A crowd favourite, the Ford Fiesta is a prime example of a quality car that can be cheaply insured. Two of its style trims fall under insurance group 2.

Seat Ibiza

The 1.0 litre S and SE iterations of the Seat Ibiza fall under insurance group 2. These handy cars have impressed critics and are everything you could possibly hope to have in a small car.

Hyundai i10

Insurance-wise, the i10 is much cheaper than the previous models and is perfect for new drivers as it falls under the first insurance group.

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Top 6 Myths About Purchasing A New Car

Sometimes a little change doesn’t hurt, especially if your car is old or breaking down, you might be obligated to move on to your next automobile. The joy and excitement of buying a new vehicle can come with many circumstances. You want to be able to buy something that is suitable to your lifestyle and perhaps a car that you may find an interest in driving. One main part of the shopping process is finding a price that fits within your budget. Finding car deals in Canada can be easily done by using the services provided by CarCostCanada. We offer free invoice car reports for the appropriate Canadian listing prices of vehicles. Our easy step-by-step guide will enable your shopping experience to become trouble-free. You may think to yourself if there are other pertaining methods that could be used when buying a new car. Well, unfortunately, most of those word-of-mouth methods are actually myths. This article will outline the following myths that you may or may not have heard about.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Our friends and family usually give us advice about life, or even advice about how and when to buy a new car. Many of this counseling information is not exactly proven to be true, and some of them are just plain wrong. Before asking yourself multiple questions about what tactics to use, here is a list of the top 6 myths about purchasing a new car:

Myth 1: You’re more likely to be taken seriously if you inform the seller that you’re paying in cash – Absolutely wrong, this is not a tactic that dealers will fall for or are willing to negotiate. Don’t assume that because you are offering cash, you will get a better price. Believe it or not, if they have your cash offer and the same price offer from another customer that is financing, they will accept the offer from the client who is financing every time because of the incentives.

Myth 2: Buy the car today, or say farewell to the deal – There is no race or stopwatch while looking for a new vehicle to purchase. Unless the car you’re looking into is in short supply or there’s a sale going on, you’ll be able to find comparable, or even better, deals in the days to come of your search. Either way, whether it’s a lower interest rate rather than a rebate, the overall price difference won’t vary by too much.

Myth 3: Accepting the rebate is always desirable – If you are a long-term investor, someone who purchases a car to drive for many years, making payments with a 0% loan may be the preferable option you are looking for. This myth will oftentimes hold up for those who are not long-term investors, but rather short-term buyers who like to switch up their cars from time to time.

Myth 4: Don’t ever make the choice of financing at the dealership – Contrary to what you may have been told, most dealerships have agreements with credit unions. What this essentially means is that you can get the same rate your local union offers. It can actually save you a lot of time, money and the unnecessary stress. More often than not, the rate can actually be even better.

Myth 5: Waiting last minute will get you the best offer – This most definitely qualifies as a myth because this is not something you can always depend on. Take for example your local dealership, they are down to its last few cars and on the brisk of meeting the manufacturer sales goal. If you buy something in stock, you may be able to pay a slightly lower price. However, if they’ve already reached their limit, then the deal on the last day of the month will probably be no different than the one you would get on the first.

Myth 6: Don’t mention the trade-in vehicle until you finalize the cost of the new car, then spring it on the salesperson – This is not the first time a salesperson has heard of this strategy. This tactic almost never works, the most effective approach is to compartmentalize the deal. Know the price of your trade-in by doing your research to get its actual worth. If you don’t completely agree with the offer for your trade-in, pursue other trade-in options.

Always buy when it’s most convenient and financially feasible for you. Check out CarCostCanada for your free invoice report today! Save yourself from the hassle of negotiating.