When shopping for a new vehicle, it can be difficult to predict what features will offer you the best driving experience. Whether you’re after a fully loaded minivan for long family road trips, a nice looking new sports coupe just for you, or a stripped down compact for your new university graduate, there are many feature combinations for the hundreds of different models available in the automotive industry right now. The best car deals always start by registering for a free dealer invoice report before you choose the features that will make for an easier driving experience, every day.

Get a Car Deal & The Features You Want

Vehicle manufacturers like to provide a variety of new and improved features on their models each year. Some features make your car more tech savvy, while others prioritize your car’s comfortability, or ensure a safer ride. As the features range from standard to “add ons”,  the features you choose to include will often raise the price of the vehicle. Meaning you might forego that backup camera to fit your budget – but you may not have to! Registering for a free dealer report gives you access to the best car deal possible, with the features you prefer, such as:

Backup Cameras

This dashboard camera is very useful for any type of parking job. Having a backup camera will make parking in any type of space easier, taking some the stress away from parking in tight spaces or at difficult angles. Cameras provide a very broad view of the space behind and around your car where traffic or pedestrians can easily go unseen. This technology  alerts you when you’re close to making contact with something around your vehicle; making it a great feature for safety.

Remote Entry

Remote entry has been getting more popular within the last couple of years. Many new models today come with a remote key that allows you to simply unlock the vehicle by approaching it with the key in your pocket. This feature provides a high level of convenience for large shopping trips or for heavy lifting in to your car. Having the hands free option comes in handy on a daily basis.

Automatic Temperature Control

Automatic temperature control is typically the most basic upgrade package right above the baseline of the vehicle. It can be one of the best investments to make in your new car. Not only can it provide automated heating and cooling, it keeps the temperature in your vehicle consistent with a built in thermometer. This means less idling to keep warm air circulating,  and less money spent on gas in the long run.

Rooftop Storage Racks

If you’re the roadtrip type of person, this feature is perfect for you to carry large luggage like bikes and kayaks. Saving room inside the vehicle for your passengers, without equipment in the way, comes in handy for those long trips. If utilizing your space efficiently is important to you, so is rooftop storage.

Tow Packages

A tow package is a very common feature for trucks that tow a lot of cargo, and it can come with a lot more than just a hitch. You get the electrical connections that allow your trailer to take over your turn signals, suspension and brakes to help keep the vehicle in control of heavy loads, and a larger heat exchanger to account for heavy duty towing.

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