When choosing a new car, it’s normal to be tempted by the less costly manual transmission option for the car make of your choice.  But in reality, you can get the best new car deals in Canada on any vehicle, automatic or manual, if you just have access to the right dealer information.

When you work with a company that offers dealer invoice prices on the car of your choice, you have more flexibility on the make, colour, and features of your new car. We recognize there’s more to consider when comparing automatic to manual than just price, and we make this possible by providing the best new car deals for any make of your choice.

Automatic vs Manual

For most car makes, the base price will reflect that of a manual transmission. Dealerships then tend to add a couple of thousands to the make if you opt for the automatic transmission. But these prices only reflect the upfront costs that would be paid without a dealer invoice report.

By finding out about factory rebates, unadvertised incentives, and special lease and finance rates, the cost of your new car, whether automatic or manual, can be negotiated down to a price you’re comfortable with. By offering the best possible price on either transmission, a dealer invoice report allows you to consider the questions that make sure your new car suits your daily lifestyle, such as:

Power Preference

Manual transmissions offer more power and therefore quicker acceleration. Since manual gear shifting is more precise, as a driver, you get more out of the vehicle’s horsepower. So if speed is important to you, a manual might be best.

Urban vs. Rural

When it comes to congested city driving, an automatic will be significantly better for daily navigation through busy roads. Stop and go traffic is far from ideal for a manual transmission, and if you aren’t familiar with manual transmission, the learning curve is not the easiest to overcome while driving in the city.

Fuel Efficiency

Manuals offer slightly better milage. However, the difference can be as small as 1 or 2 MPG more than an automatic, but if you know how to use gear shifting to lower fuel cost, a manual could be worth the extra milage.

Engine Type

If you want a car that offers power at high and lows revs, an automatic has the right engine. But, if you do a lot of driving along hilly roads, the smaller engine inside of a manual makes this driving a little more efficient.

Save Whether Automatic or Manual

Though manual transmissions are almost always less expensive than automatics, registering for a free dealer invoice report gives you the chance to explore transmission options for any car make. Having access to undisclosed information on your new car makes price negotiations much more effective and fair. Our dealer referral will make sure you’re shopping in the right place with associates who can offer you the best deal on your new car, whether automatic or manual. This way you get a chance to save on whichever transmission suits your lifestyle best.

Should you buy Automatic or Manual? Sign up for a free dealer invoice report to see the best new car deals in Canada, and make the decision that suits your lifestyle today!