What are you looking for in your next new car? If fuel efficiency is at the top of your list, it might be a Hybrid you’re after. That’s why making the right car comparisons with an open mind is crucial in order to satisfy all of your needs.

Hybrid cars are some of the best vehicles for long term financial savings and reducing your environmental footprint. However, big incentives are likely the main reason hybrid cars have seen an increase in sales over the past few years. That’s why learning a little more about hybrid vehicles just might pay off for you on your next big car purchase.  

How Do Hybrid Vehicles Run?

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) run by combining the function of an electric motor with an assisting conventional internal combustion engine. The computer within the hybrid calculates when it’s efficient to use the electric motor, the gas motor, and when it’s best to use both together.

Usually, the electric motor is in full effect until speeds of 30 km/h are exceeded. After this point, the gas engine takes over, and also takes effect when the car is braking. These moments act as opportunities for the car to charge its battery while you drive. While making your car comparisons, you likely won’t find an alternative with the same efficiency.  

How are Plug-In Hybrids Different from HEVs?

A plug in hybrid car only uses its electric motor for most of your everyday driving, while the gas engine only takes function as a backup energy source when the car battery is low. Since these hybrids recharge by connecting to an external power supply, they provide even better fuel efficiency than traditional HEVS.

When making your car comparisons, think about your lifestyle. If most of your driving is in the city, you’re likely only ever using the electric motor, meaning you’re using between 40%-60% less fuel than a gas powered vehicle. You can see why hybrids have become so popular for those interested in optimal fuel efficiency, whether it’s for financial or environmental reasons.

Will Hybrids Cost more in my Car Comparison?

As an upfront cost, hybrids are known to cost up to 20% more than gas fuelled vehicles. This is purely based in the added cost of lithium ion batteries, and the cost of engineering expertise that’s involved in the production of every hybrid. However, obtaining the dealer invoice makes finding the best new car deals in Canada easy. Being aware of the costs of your desired hybrid’s makes negotiating prices a lot easier. Registering for a free dealer invoice report can also give you the advantage of disclosing factory rebates and incentives as well as unadvertised factory incentives.

There’s no reason the cost of a hybrid should stop you from purchasing one if it’s the right car for you. We work with you to conduct a car comparison that is based on your interests, and then find the best deals for you with informed dealer referral. Conducting car comparisons is the best way to find new deals that are available to you. Without comparing, you could be losing out on thousands in savings.

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