When it comes to looking for a new vehicle, there are several things that are important to take note of: how the car functions and fits with your needs as a driver, the longevity of the vehicle, and price. Now that winter is here and the end of the year is quickly approaching, 2019 models are officially rolling out. This means that there are potential car deals for 2018 models, perfect for those looking for a new car with a great price tag attached.

In addition to car deals coming out, Car Cost Canada is able to provide even further rebates with its service! With accessibility to dealer reports, you are able to see the rebates, discounts, and the value of the vehicle you want, broken down for a better understanding. Utilizing our report allows you to negotiate a price with dealers that are cost-friendly to you – which is why combining that with potential car deals will create great savings for you.

Keep reading to learn about the vehicles that have great rebates and have great benefits:


2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is decked out with a luxurious cabin experience; standard leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob and pending on the version of the car you’re looking for, leather-wrapped interior seating is common. The spaciousness of the vehicle seats 5 and the back seats recline up to 12 degrees. With the rear seats folded, the back can offer 1,934L of cargo space. There is a variety of technology that is combined into the system and provides integration of multimedia functions and key driving and vehicle information. Lastly, this vehicle offers the keyless push to start and go button, pushing for driver convenience.

Since this is a bigger vehicle in size, it provides further convenience for the winter because it will be a stronger vehicle to push through the snowstorms.


2018 Hyundai Tucson

This vehicle provides an influx of technological capabilities such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay that allows for an effortless integration of your phone applications. Like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it has the push button to start and has customizable interiors that include heated seating. Since it is a smaller car, there is less space but even with that being said, the rear seats folded still provide cargo space of 1,754L.

When it comes to the performance of the vehicle, there is technology integrated to help with safety precautions such as hill-start assist control and downhill-brake assistance – which prevents unwanted movements and provides consistent speed in various conditions. This is helpful in the winter where there are already slippery roads but you are able to have this type of integrated tech to further ensure the safety of you as a driver and your passengers.


2018 Kia Optima

The Kia Optima is an awarding winning mid-size sedan. With built-in technology of blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert, there are a multitude of safety features that assist the driver. There is also a screen component that provides rear camera display.

The Optima uses more than 50% Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) and the hot-stamping of components in 16 core stress areas boosts the body structure for better driving dynamics and quieter rides. This vehicle is a front-runner for convenience and built-in safety, which becomes helpful in the winter as the stressful weather can become dangerous.


2018 Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is known for being a great balance between sport and utility. It is a well-equipped car with great built-in features that prove to be an impressive choice. Similar to the Kia Optima, the Toyota RAV4 has safety tech that is similar but they all fall under the umbrella of a system called Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). The TSS comprises of technology that helps the driver’s awareness, decision making, and vehicle operating.

When it comes to the exterior, it has a sport and aerodynamic feel that balances the function with form. Body panels are honed out to smooth out airflow and the stabilizing fins and shark fin antennas help to reduce highway turbulence.


Overall, each of these vehicles has great features and allows for driver and passenger comfortability while utilizing it. With the year ending, each of these cars has cash rebates and deals that put them at unbelievable prices and using Car Cost Canada, you are able to find further rebates and deals that will push for a bargain while you find a car that fits for you!

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