You just got your brand new car and leveraged your car cost report to save you money on your new purchase – you couldn’t be happier! Summer has come and gone and now you’re wondering how well your brand new car is going to handle this winter. Snow on the ground, freezing cold weather, and salt everywhere. We know how it goes, every morning is a struggle to get rid of the ice that had just built up overnight.

The biggest nuisance of owning a car in the tough winters of Canada is dealing with the ice that seems to build up anywhere on your car that it can. Your windshield, headlights, and mirrors seem to build a coat of ice, right after you’ve taken the last coat off. If you are parking outdoors for long periods of time, the accumulation of ice can be daunting to take off. Aside from the laborious task of chipping away at all that ice, getting a workout just to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive, it can also be very time-consuming. Check out our ice-free car tips to help you save time and energy this winter!


Morning Ice Removal


The first and most practical tip is simple: always keep a reliable windshield scraper in your car. Windshield scrapers are equipped with two sides, one for cracking and shaving ice off of the glass and another that acts as a brush to clean off any excess snow or ice off your vehicle. It’s well worth investing in one of these brushes as it is a major contributor to getting rid of ice and snow that builds up on your vehicle.

An extremely simple but effective way of melting off snow and ice off of your car is by making a DIY spray. Mixing 3 parts vinegar and 1 part warm water creates a solution that is perfect for melting and preventing ice from building up on your vehicle. Simply pour and watch the ice melt away!

If you’ve got more time on your hands, you can always blast the heater using the windshield feature, the ice on your windshield will melt off slowly but surely. This method takes a lot longer but is effortless on your end. This method typically works best if you have a remote start, which many new vehicles can allow for; this allows for your car to defrost without you having to physically wait for it to do so.


Overnight Ice Removal 


An effective ice removal hack is to place a large plastic sheet or any waterproof cover across your windshield overnight. This simple hack helps you to reduce the amount of time it takes to get the snow off of your windshield. Just pull the sheet off of your windshield and you’re good to go!

If placing the sheet over your windshield isn’t right for you, we suggest you park your car facing east at night. By doing this we leverage mother nature’s strengths, the sun rises in the east so your windshield will naturally be getting a sun shower. On cloudy and dark days this won’t work but we suggest doing it anyway and hoping for some sun to shine through.


Frozen car door or handles


We’ve all been there, you’re running late and can’t spare any more time. You hurry out to your car and try to get in but your door is frozen shut. The best way to combat this common Canadian problem is to spray some cooking spray or WD-40 the night before. Spraying either of the two on the rubber seals that outline your door will ensure that you’re able to get into your car tomorrow morning, worry-free.  

If you find that it is not only your door but your car handle is frozen as well, simply use some hand sanitizer to defrost your handles! It even works if your keyhole is frozen as well, put some sanitizer onto your key and it’ll slide right in!


Our tips and tricks will help ensure a safe ride for you and your family! Your brand new car should be treated well and used to get you around town safely and secure.


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