When you’re searching for your new car, you may not have leasing at the forefront of your mind, but leasing can actually offer significant savings when it comes to monthly payment costs and often better incentives.

Depending on the amount of driving you plan to do with your new car, there are some reasons you may prioritize monthly savings over milage. So, we want to help you get the best car deal you can get on your new lease. Here’s how:

Get to Know the Basic Benefits of Leasing

Take the time to think about the way you plan to use your new vehicle. Is it a secondary car? Will it only be used for shorter trips? Maybe it’s only necessary to own for 3 or 4 years. If so, leasing is the way to go. Leasing allows you to only pay the estimated amount your car will depreciate by after your use. Whatever percentage of the full cost that works out to be, is the cost that will be covered through small monthly payments.

So, if your new vehicle isn’t as crucial after a typical 3 or 4 year lease term, leasing becomes the option that will offer savings compared to paying off a full purchase price.

Consider Making a Down Payment

If lowering your monthly costs is your priority, making a down payment is a way to reduce the stress of your monthly expenses. Placing a larger down payment on your new car gives you flexibility when it comes to your lease. You can choose to reduce $100 or so from your monthly expenses as a result.

Lower Your Kilometer Allowance

This way of lowering your monthly expenses again involves considering your use for this car. Is lowering your kilometer allowance worth the savings? It very well might be. For example, if you live in the city, and only use your car for quick outings, you don’t need as many kilometers as someone who commutes to their job daily and travels to their cottage up north on weekends.

The amount you can reduce your kilometers is fairly flexible, so you can take this option as far as you’d like to.

Lease With a CCC Dealer Invoice Report

Registering for a free dealer invoice report with CarCostCanada is the most direct way to save on your new lease. By selecting the car make and model you’re interested in, you gain access to special lease rates that are informed by the prices dealerships pay for the vehicle you desire. These reports also have unadvertised factory incentives and rebates that offer savings on top of the savings you already gain from leasing.

Our dealerships actively want to help you get the best deal possible for your new lease, and aim to lower your monthly costs however they can. That’s why making the dealer invoice report part of your car selection process will give you the savings you’re looking for.

Looking to lease? Why not save money in the process! Start saving on monthly lease payments by getting a car deal that only a CCC dealer invoice report can provide!