Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle or curious to see why the GMC Sierra is so popular, learning about the advantages of the car is beneficial. This light-duty pick-up truck is designed to have a striking appearance with GMC Signature lighting. This bold and advanced design delivers an attractive aesthetic of the vehicle, showcases the advanced lighting, and the integrated innovation.

Compared to its competitors, it has great advantages that brings it a step forward in the realm of vehicles. However, when it comes to getting the best price for the vehicle, there are options such as obtaining a dealer invoice which will highlight the hidden rebates and financial benefits you can get that the dealership will not show.

Keep reading to learn about the aspects of the GMC Sierra and why these components bring advantages to the vehicle:

Interior Design

The interior design encompasses the seats, comfortability for driver and passengers, manual use, etc. This is important as it needs to function properly but also provide comfort for users.

One of the ways the GMC Sierra stands out from its competitors is its 10-way power for both driver and front passenger seats. A competitor such as Ram Laramie only has a 10-way power driver seat but for the passenger seat, limiting that comfortability. In addition, the superior seat-positioning function allows for a tilt and telescoping steering column that helps drivers fine-tune their position for driving.

Diving further into detail, the Sierra includes the following:

  • Available heated and ventilated seating
  • Available heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Available wireless charging mats
  • Centre console big enough to hold file folders, laptops, and more
  • Under-seat storage
  • Cargo box conveniences

Exterior Framework

The exterior framework may have less impact on how comfortable sitting in your car is but the GMC Sierra provides a striking appearance with high quality GMC lighting surrounding the vehicle. The framework is important for driving comfort as well as ensuring that your vehicle is strong enough to withstand certain weathers while driving through certain conditions.

The vehicle has better traction than most pick-up tricks as it features a standard automatic locking rear differential whereas competitors offer a limited-slip differential. In addition, there are longer lasting brake rotors on the GMC Sierra as it has Duralife brake rotors that are engineered to resist corrosion, perfect for rough road conditions.

With that in mind, the drive of the Sierra provides maximum horsepower and torque; with 420 HP puts out 25 more horsepower and 50 more lb.-ft. of torque than regular competitor vehicles.

Build-In Technology

As technology continues to advance, many vehicles have built-in systems that assist with things such as phone calls, GPS, and music selection. Although this is not mandatory, it is extremely helpful as it can assist with multi-functions that would normally require multiple devices and people to handle.

For starters, the GMC Sierra has a standard Remote Vehicle Starter System, perfect for those who want to preheat or cool their car before entering. This is a great option that allows those that live in environments with constantly changing weather. The OnStar limited Feature Set of Remote Link is something that the GMC Sierra provides for 5 years which allows the user to control their car directly from their smartphone, providing convenience no matter where you are. With your smartphone in the vehicle, the Sierra has a Siri Eyes Free voice command feature that allows you to utilize your phone safely while driving.

Lastly, the safety technology that is built in provides features such as the Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and a Safety Alert Seat which is key for big vehicles like a pick-up truck as blind spots add up. When it comes to emergencies, like your vehicle being stolen or a car crash, the tech is wired with two programs that help: Onstar’s Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, which the police can use to slow down your car, and the Automatic Crash Notification, which sends assistance automatically after a collision.

In Conclusion…

With each of these components and their advantages over their competitors, it is without a doubt that the GMC Sierra is a top contender for pickup trucks. Between the built-in tech and the interior comfort, it provides flexibility and versatility to its users.

If you’re looking to purchase a GMC Sierra, take a look at our services to learn more about dealer invoice prices and how you can save money!