The best car deal happens when you’re able to procure a vehicle that not only houses the best of features you want but also goes easy on your pocket. The choices are absolutely endless – new versus used; small or big; truck, sedan, SUV or van; whom to buy from; buying with financing, leasing or cash; base model or higher one; sufficient features or all the bells and whistles. To ensure you don’t get lost in this sheer expanse of options, zero in on what you want before setting foot in the car dealership.  

The internet has undeniably made things easier, but there are still some pitfalls that pockmark the car buying process, preventing even the savviest car shoppers from finding new car best deals in Canada. Everyone wants to pay the lowest price for the car that syncs with their vehicular needs and priorities and is cheaper to own in the long run. Nobody wants to fall prey to those unnecessary add-ons and hidden charges that can embitter even the sweetest bargain.

Investigate the manufacturer’s incentives!

The key to locating the best car deals in Ontario is to be a well-informed and more importantly, a smart shopper who, beyond the regular intricacies involved in the process, is mindful of the manufacturer’s incentives relative to that vehicle. Some dealers might try to lull you into clinching a deal by calling it a special discount from ‘their’ office or in certain instances, they might even skip it altogether to mention in order to stretch their profit margins. Remember that the manufacturer’s incentive is up for grabs for one and all who intends to buy that vehicle. So, make sure your negotiation with the dealer starts only after subtracting the applicable incentives.

Be it a 4-door luxurious sedan for city driving or a robust pick-up truck to accompany you to off-road trips, you can avail a certain amount of incentives on every type of vehicle.

Negotiate the total car price, not the monthly installment!

While financing the vehicle, it’s easy to sway away by the smaller chunks of monthly payments while forgetting how even a slight change of $20 or $50 can quickly add up to thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the car. Also, comparing different dealerships based on the monthly payments is not a piece of cake, particularly if you’re a first-time buyer with a vague understanding of the industry’s ways and means. You may be looking at diverse down payments and maturities. You don’t have to go through all that since all dealerships are obligated to present customers with a clear-cut advertised lease or financing rate from the manufacturer. This means the dealer with the best total price will be the one that can get you the best bargain, regardless of whether you choose to lease or finance the vehicle. The total car price is inclusive of all the fees and taxes.

Know when to research!

The timing is of great essence and can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips to help you snap great new car deals in British Columbia (BC) or other provinces in Canada:

  • Starting of the month: When many manufacturers are launching special discount offers for that particular month.
  • New model year: When dealerships are trying to make room for the latest models by getting rid of previous ones.
  • End of the month: When many salesmen and dealers are eager to add more sales to their overall sales quota – an opportunity for potential buyers to chance upon the lowest price points.
  • End of the year: When car manufacturers proffer significant discounts and incentives to draw in buyers so as to fulfill their yearly sales targets.

Though these times can’t always guarantee a good deal, they are generally preferred by experienced shoppers to find cars within their budget.

Know the related glossary to see what you’re getting into!  

When scouring the dealership’s inventory at their lot or via online, bear in mind that they are not restricted to only what they have in the stock at that time. Most dealers keep at least a few of every model that the car manufacturer proffers.

It’s good to test the waters before diving right into a deal. Spend some time to grasp basic pertinent terms and things that will go a long way when you are trying to scoot the best new car deal in Quebec:

  • Trims: A trim (or grade as it is sometimes referred to as) is a different version of a model and often has different features such as seat material and engine size, and marginally different price. For car models that give various trim choices, manufacturers often provide 3 or 4 versions. For example, the 2018 Toyota Prius is available in 7 trims/configurations, with price and features varying slightly as you navigate from one trim to the other.
  • Options: Each model and trim has a host of optional features such as GPS navigation system and sunroof. The cost of integrating such features has to be taken into account while setting a budget for your new car.
  • Custom Build: If you want to make a custom build version of a specific car model, you can do that by talking to a dealer who will then order it from the manufacturer on your behalf.

For obvious reasons, it’ll take longer to obtain a custom-built car than the one you choose from the existing stock at the dealership.

Avail a Dealer Invoice Report!

Can’t afford the time to keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website, dealership, or print ads around-the-clock to luck into the best car deal?

Car Cost Canada’s dealer invoice report is exactly what you need. It will entail an easy-to-understand breakdown of the total car price which will firm up your negotiation, along with an ability to compare different car models that fall within your price range. With everything at one place, all you need to do is to select your model and trim level.

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