With the new year comes new trends to watch out for, and this includes a whole new line of truck models. If you’ve been on the lookout for a new pick up that will redefine your driving style, 2018 is the year for you.

Offering new standard features that increase towing abilities while prioritizing safety, these models have upgraded their function for the best drive yet. As we transition into 2018, one question remains: how can you get the best price on your next truck? New car deals are always ready for you when you sign up for our dealer invoice report. That means it’s time to start looking at some of the leading new truck models available for you in the new year.

Chevrolet Silverado

New for 2018, the Silverado will have new standard feature upgrades including a rearview camera for safety, and a 7.0-inch touch screen allowing for savvy utility. As these new features work in line with the low-speed automatic energy braking system, teen driver feature, and eAssist features that 2017 brought, your truck is now as safe and fuel efficient as possible.

These features allowed for auto pilot braking, setting safety limitations for young drivers, and a combined gas and electric powertrain system that efficient fuel consumption without compromising performance. Clearly, the Chevrolet Silverado isn’t holding back this year.  

Ram 1500

Style is changing for the Ram 1500 come 2018. With a new top-spec Laramie Tungsten trim, the 1500 has made a space for itself in the world of luxury. Like most models, the 1500 now includes a standard rearview camera, but also features a bed-mounted bed light switch, a fleet telematics module for tracking vehicle efficiency, and a new sporty exterior design. Technology has been upgraded, too, with its Uconnect system that allows Android and Apple connectivity, as well as pinch-to-zoom screen usage. Ram offers a well-rounded set of new features that provide the style, cost-efficient, and technological benefits that make it the new ride you’re looking for in 2018.

Ford F-150

Ford’s 2018 upgrade is rather extensive, starting with a revised exterior appearance. The truck is sleeker with a renewed front grill, and now offers a direct injection engine. This means your fuel is sprayed directly into the chamber, eliminating wastage due to its efficient precision.  With this engine comes a 10 speed auto feature, as well as an increase in driver-assist technology. As a result, the Ford saves you money on fuel, increases safety with user friendly features, and provides a new style to top it all off.

GMC Sierra

Now standard for the Sierra is a 7.0-inch touch screen, like the silverado, and a rear view camera for safe reversing. This model also includes a tire fill alert system to notify you when you’re running low on air pressure and features an increase in trim variety, giving you more to work with when selecting the Sierra, as its offered in the base trim, SLE, SLT, and Denali. Each differs according to engine power, interior features, as well as exterior features, and can range from short to long carrying beds. Combine these benefits with the choice between the existing elevation edition pack or the off-road all terrain x pack, and you’ve achieved a custom pick-up tailored to your driving needs.

Nissan Titan

The Midnight Edition Treatment isn’t going anywhere in 2018, since a few new black exterior details have been introduced including 20-inch black alloy wheels. However, the Titan still provides you a choice between 3 exterior colours. Since the major King Cab model change was implemented in 2017, this model doesn’t have much more to cover.  Offering a single cab model with an 8.0-foot bed, and a crew cab model with a 6.5-foot bed, the Titan accommodates whatever size load you regularly carry.

Finally, the King model also offers a segment-exclusive rear-seat delete to remove the back seating area if necessary, while keeping the interior driving experience enjoyable without a berean space that amplifies the sound of your engine.  

Are you ready to revel in the new and improved pick-up truck of your choice? Don’t break the bank with your next buy, and sign up for our dealer invoice report before you purchase to get the best car deals in Canada.