Buying a new car is always an exciting process – with sleek new makes and models, your new car wishlist could be endless. In reality, though, buying a new car is more than aesthetic appeal – the best car for you is one that isn’t just new and stylish, rather, it should also suit your lifestyle needs. But what if your new car can be sleek and stylish, fits your lifestyle, and comes with safety features for you and your loved ones, all at the best price possible?

With our dealer invoice report, we can give you the best car deals that offer the flexibility you need to make sure your new ride has it all, within your budget.  We know that safety and style go hand in hand when choosing the best car for you, so read on to discover the safety features that can benefit you, at a fair price.

Back Up Cameras

As a very popular safety feature in the past decade, the backup camera is activated once you shift into reverse, and displays a wide view of objects or pedestrians behind your car. Often located in the center console, and sometimes in the rearview mirror, it also displays lines to guide your reversing path for optimal safety. The latest Mazda 3 model offers this feature, which adds to its appeal.

Rain-sensing Wipers

The latest Mazda 3 model also features automatic rain sensors. Optical sensors are in place to detect the amount of moisture on your windshield, and automatically cause your wipers to clear the rain to ensure an adequate sight line. Most cars include this feature without upgrading, leaving more room for the other upgrades that become affordable with our dealer invoice price reference.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warning is a great feature that alerts you when your car is about to venture out of the lane you’re supposed to be in, providing protection from the front, side, and rear. The latest Honda Ridgeline offers this feature, making it one of the safest pickup trucks out there. We provide the best deal on cars that can include important features like this by disclosing the unadvertised rebates and dealer price, so you can negotiate a fair deal.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature operates on sensors and radar cameras and automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed to constantly make sure you’re driving at a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead of you. The latest Honda CR-V model has this feature, and can even slow or stop your vehicle in traffic jams, and continue to proceed at a safe pace afterwards.

Automatic High Beams

With the latest Genesis G90, you can automatically switch between high and low beam headlights to optimize forward visibility at night. This automatic switch is extremely helpful for seeing people or animals in your driving path with long range illumination. It can be activated when driving 30 km or over, and functions by detecting light sources of vehicles ahead, so if oncoming drivers have low beams, your headlights can switch to low beams to avoid collision.

Blind Spot Monitoring

With mounted radars in the rear bumper to detect rear vehicle proximity in the next lane, vehicles can now help keep an eye on the blind spot area for you. The latest Toyota Prius can offer this feature, as an alert is displayed if a car is in your blind spot on either side with an icon in the corresponding door mirror. If you as the driver signals to change lanes, it will alert you with a flash and beep notification.

Collision Avoidance Assist Brakes

One of the most handy safety features while driving on the highway, the latest Audi A4 can automatically activate your brakes at speeds over 84 km. So, during traffic, you don’t have to worry about abrupt stop and go speeds that often cause rear end collision.

Pedestrian Detection

Often, when drivers are turning left, they can forget that pedestrians may be crossing their path. The latest Lexus RX model can alert you if there is a pedestrian near within a speed range of 40 km/h, and can brake thanks to sensored cameras behind the rearview mirror that detect human movement.  

Forward Collision Warning

This feature simply scans the road ahead of of you to warn if there is a slower moving or stopped car in your way. Sensors can be located in the front of the latest Chrysler Pacifica model to trigger a warning sound, visual, vibration, or quick brake pulse.

Enhanced Autopilot System

One of the most advanced cars out there, the Tesla Model S operates with four cameras and 12 sensors to keep your car in its lane while monitoring the traffic that surrounds the car. This allows it to change lanes, merge safely, match traffic speed, exit your proper highway destination, and self park, on its own.

This is one upgrade that is definitely worth it when you have access to the best deal with our dealer invoice report. You can be sure your driving is backed with advanced technology that provides you the extra precaution that puts your mind at ease.

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