There’s a new competitor in the pickup truck market: the Tesla Cybertruck. The automotive tech giant has taken its first step into the largest vehicle market in the US by unveiling its newest vehicle design on Thursday. 

While the Cybertruck’s launch is still a year away, there are quite a number of Tesla models that you can whet your appetite with!

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Without further ado, let’s delve into the Tesla Cybertruck slated for a 2021 launch. 


“Better Utility Than a Truck With More Performance Than a Sports Car”

The Cybertruck looks like nothing Tesla has ever created before-huge, tough and powerful, it looks right at home in a science fiction movie. Featuring an exterior made from the same cold-rolled steel as the SpaceX, the truck can do pretty much everything: drive at high speeds(for a pickup), pull a great deal of weight, and even resist small arms fire and physical damage.

The key to the Cybertruck is its capability; pickup trucks are among the most popular vehicles in the US, so the Cybertruck would have to be robust and capable to have an impact in the market. Pickup trucks are frequently put to work doing difficult jobs, traversing rugged conditions or towing heavy loads. In true Tesla fashion, it certainly delivers in these areas-at least according to the numbers provided by Musk during its unveiling.

Set to debut in late 2021, the base model will retail for $39,900 and will feature a  single motor that will be able to provide roughly 250 miles on a full charge and be able to hit 60 MPH in 6.5 seconds. This model also comes equipped with a 3,500-pound payload limit and 7,500-pound towing capacity-very impressive for a vehicle like this. 

Tesla will also be rolling out two more versions that build upon the base model’s statistics. A dual motor $49,000 version provides 300 miles of range, can tow up to 10,000 pounds and hit 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Lastly, the top of the line variant, retailing at $69,900, will be able to go more than 500 miles between charges, hit 60 mph in under 60 seconds, tow up to 14,000 pounds, and begin production in late 2022. 

An additional feature of the Cybertruck that helps distinguish it from the competition is the ability to function as a portable workstation-it comes equipped with 120 and 240-volt power outlets and an onboard air compressor, making it suitable for a variety of job environments. 

Should the driver take it away from the rough-and-tumble open roads into the tight constraints of a city, the Cybertruck also includes the now-standard ability to parallel park itself, making it a truly versatile vehicle. 


The future of Tesla looks very exciting with the Cybertruck on its way!

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Watch this space to stay updated on when we make the Tesla Cybertruck dealer invoice report available.