Buying a New Car in Canada: These Are the Questions You Need to Ask the Salesperson | Dealer Invoice Price Canada

You want to buy a new car, but are unsure of what to do and who to consult. Your first go-to spot is the car dealership near your area. When you meet a car salesman, what questions should you ask? Keeping a car in Canada has many obstacles, but searching for a new car shouldn’t be hard. 

CarCostCanada is the #1 choice for new car buyers and is the nation’s most trusted online car pricing service. We provide people with detailed dealer invoice price reports to better prepare you to purchase a car. 

We came up with some questions for you and your salesperson to consider when finding the right car for you. 


Your Budget: How Affordable is the Car

Once you’ve decided you want a new car, your first question should probably be how much you can afford. That all depends on how you’re planning to buy and afford as far as the purchase price and payment. Gas and insurance are other factors to consider as well because of how frequent they can change.  

When you’re calculating how much you feel you can afford, don’t forget about the extra fees that come with it. Government fees like sales tax and air conditioning fees matter as well as manufacturer fees like freight and dealer fees. Administration charges can also apply and while.some are negotiable, others aren’t. 

If you’re looking at monthly payments and your budget, the same extras apply. Don’t forget about the term length as well. While you can afford that monthly payment, that 96-month loan that goes with it could be more expensive than you realize. 


New vs Old: Should You Buy a New or Used Car? 

Most people seem to recommend buying used cars, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. This is because of its depreciating value, as the value of cars drops every time you use them as opposed to preserving their worth when you buy a new one. Whichever you choose, here are the pros and cons of buying a new or used car. 

Buying a used car can lower the upfront cost and car insurance premiums. You’ll be the prime owner of the car and can usually get a free inspection when buying from a dealer. The cons of buying used start with the car’s age, which may require repairs. The car’s warranty may also expire soon and you won’t be able to get a free inspection if you don’t buy from a dealership. 

With a new car, you’ll be getting the latest model and you won’t need repairs on it for the first few years. The downside is that it’s much more expensive and you’ll need to pay for all the starting costs associated with it. On the bright side, you can get a brand new warranty with it to use to its full extent. 


Should You Lease or Buy? 

Leasing or buying a car is much like asking yourself if you want to rent or buy a new house. The pros of leasing a car include the ability to upgrade your car each time the lease is up and that you’re always driving a recent model. Your warranty never runs out and there are lower monthly payments to deal with. 

The downside of leasing a car is that you’ll never own it and those monthly payments can go on forever. You can’t customize the car in any way and have to agree to terms regarding mileage and the car’s condition. 

Buying a car has its perks too. First, you own it and can modify it as you please. You save money long term and can put in as many miles on it without getting a few. However, you also have to deal with higher monthly payments and dealing with the hassle of trading it in or selling it. 


The Next Steps

Whatever you choose in the end, we’ve gone through some questions you may ask yourself or someone at the car dealership. If you’d like to learn more about what CarCostCanada can offer you in your next car hunt, visit our website for more details.


Just Graduated? Check Out These Cars Under $25,000 to Celebrate the Next Stage of Life! | Dealer Invoice Price Canada

Just graduated and eager to start the next stage of life? There’s no better way to celebrate than with a new car! Of course, after tottering under heavy student debt and the other growing fiscal responsibilities of adulthood, the last thing you need is a car that drains your wallet completely. 

You’re in luck! In this article, we cover the best cars under $25,000 that have stellar safety scores, reliability ratings and the price tag to match. 

And hey, don’t forget to kick off your car buying journey with a dealer invoice report from Car Cost Canada. This report reveals the dealer invoice price in Canada, leasing and financing options, recommended dealerships and so much more. 

You won’t have to visit 10+ websites to access this information when we do the research for you. The negotiations process will be that much easier!


2020 Toyota Corolla

The price of the Toyota Corolla isn’t all that makes this model attractive. It also offers outstanding fuel-efficiency, safety and reliability. The 2020 Corolla comes with loads of standard driver assistance features and an intuitive infotainment system. 

Priced at a modest $20,000, this model is a fully redesigned sedan for the new decade. It has updated interior and exterior stylings and advanced safety features like traffic sign recognition and lane tracing assist, not to mention it comes standard with Apple CarPlay.

All in all, Toyota’s latest compact definitely earns its stripes as a default choice in this segment. 


2020 Mazda3

The upscale interiors and engaging performance of the Mazda3 make it a leading competitor in this list of cost-effective cars. You can expect a refined engine, sporty handling and intuitive infotainment controls. 

The price tag? You’re looking at a base price of $21,500 for the sedan and $23,600 for the hatchback. Car enthusiasts have described the Mazda3 as a great compact car that’s an absolute joy to drive. 

As stated before, it is available in 2 body styles; sedan and hatchback. Whichever one you choose, you can expect an agile car with responsive steering and braking as well as a spirited engine – definitely worth taking for a test run at the very least!


2020 Honda Civic

With the Honda Civic, expect roomy interiors, lively handling and dynamic performance. Available as a coupe, sedan and hatchback, the vehicle delivers more versatility than most compact cars. The coupe is priced at $21,700, the sedan at $24,200 and the hatchback at $18,400. 

The Civic can easily seat up to 4 or 5 people and offers power-adjustable seats that are comfortable and provide ample legroom. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2020 Honda Civic a five-star overall rating, making it a vehicle worth considering when shortlisting your ideal car. 


Get a Dealer Invoice Report to SAVE Big!

You can get a free dealer invoice report for any of the above vehicles and do a price comparison. Moreover, you will also be able to access exclusive information that you wouldn’t easily get elsewhere. 

  • MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price – what the dealer paid to own the car)
  • Factory incentives
  • Lease and finance rates
  • Recommended dealerships
  • Vehicle pricing options
  • Comparable vehicles

With this information, you can access certified recommended dealerships and the negotiation process then becomes a breeze. 

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Buying a New Car: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting it Right | Learn the Dealer Invoice Price in Canada

Getting a new car can be exciting and nerve-wracking; from managing your budget to finding that perfect car to managing paperwork, and paying at the dealership. CarCostCanada is dedicated to lessening the weight of this process with dealer invoice prices in Canada, you can get a new Honda Accord sedan price report.


What to bring

First of all, you need identification, probably your drivers’ license, especially if you plan to drive it off yourself. Next would be your payment whatever form that may take. And then lastly proof of insurance, because it’s illegal to drive in Canada this is necessary before driving off the lot. You can do it beforehand or at the dealership and give your insurance company your new vehicle identification number (VIN) so they can email over your insurance credentials to the dealership directly.



It’s important to get your financing and payment type in order before heading over to the dealership. Preapproved loans from a bank or credit union might be an option for you but If this is your first car purchase you might have trouble getting a loan from the bank without a credit score. Make sure to look around as well, don’t just settle on your own personal bank, certain lending authorities could have ties to dealers which allows them to give out easier loans.

Past using loans, your down payment could be in many different forms from a cashiers cheque, personal cheque, or even a credit card payment. Usually, a credit card downpayment will be around $3000 or $5000 max. Even if it is a possibility and the car is very inexpensive, do not expect to pay full upfront. Dealerships want to be safe and minimize the risk of someone claiming alleged fraud or disputing the purchase, they also want to avoid being the victims of credit card fraud themselves so large down payments are especially uncommon.


Trade-in Vehicle

Another way to help out with payments past loans is to trade in your old car. To do this you’ll be needing extra documents though; proof the car is yours, car title or a pink slip, a copy of the current registration, and potentially payment stubs and the loan account number for the car. Financing a new car like this can reduce your monthly payments and give you a lower tax rate. The estimated value of your used car is used towards the price of the new one, potentially knocking down a $30,000 car down to $20,000 which can make a big difference.


All done and ready to drive off?

Before you head on the road with your new car it’s important to check over it a final time. Make sure everything that should have been included is there and that you know exactly where everything is. The manual, chargers if it’s an electric or hybrid model, all your documents, and everything you were promised. Also, check the condition one last time, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of a new vehicle and accidentally miss something and it’s best to make sure you’re getting the car in the best quality.

Now it’s time to enjoy your new car! With this, you can be better prepared for when you go in to buy a car and using our price reports you will be able to find the best deal and price on your ideal car. With a new year, there are new models and features so check out what possibilities await you with a new car!


Tesla Debuts The Future of Pickup Trucks: Meet the Electrifying 2021 Tesla Cybertruck

There’s a new competitor in the pickup truck market: the Tesla Cybertruck. The automotive tech giant has taken its first step into the largest vehicle market in the US by unveiling its newest vehicle design on Thursday. 

While the Cybertruck’s launch is still a year away, there are quite a number of Tesla models that you can whet your appetite with!

If you’re interested in purchasing a Tesla vehicle in Canada, don’t forget to get your dealer invoice price report for any of their existing models before you buy!

This will give you access to great incentives, rebates and makes negotiations so much easier. 

Without further ado, let’s delve into the Tesla Cybertruck slated for a 2021 launch. 


“Better Utility Than a Truck With More Performance Than a Sports Car”

The Cybertruck looks like nothing Tesla has ever created before-huge, tough and powerful, it looks right at home in a science fiction movie. Featuring an exterior made from the same cold-rolled steel as the SpaceX, the truck can do pretty much everything: drive at high speeds(for a pickup), pull a great deal of weight, and even resist small arms fire and physical damage.

The key to the Cybertruck is its capability; pickup trucks are among the most popular vehicles in the US, so the Cybertruck would have to be robust and capable to have an impact in the market. Pickup trucks are frequently put to work doing difficult jobs, traversing rugged conditions or towing heavy loads. In true Tesla fashion, it certainly delivers in these areas-at least according to the numbers provided by Musk during its unveiling.

Set to debut in late 2021, the base model will retail for $39,900 and will feature a  single motor that will be able to provide roughly 250 miles on a full charge and be able to hit 60 MPH in 6.5 seconds. This model also comes equipped with a 3,500-pound payload limit and 7,500-pound towing capacity-very impressive for a vehicle like this. 

Tesla will also be rolling out two more versions that build upon the base model’s statistics. A dual motor $49,000 version provides 300 miles of range, can tow up to 10,000 pounds and hit 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Lastly, the top of the line variant, retailing at $69,900, will be able to go more than 500 miles between charges, hit 60 mph in under 60 seconds, tow up to 14,000 pounds, and begin production in late 2022. 

An additional feature of the Cybertruck that helps distinguish it from the competition is the ability to function as a portable workstation-it comes equipped with 120 and 240-volt power outlets and an onboard air compressor, making it suitable for a variety of job environments. 

Should the driver take it away from the rough-and-tumble open roads into the tight constraints of a city, the Cybertruck also includes the now-standard ability to parallel park itself, making it a truly versatile vehicle. 


The future of Tesla looks very exciting with the Cybertruck on its way!

If you’re interested in purchasing a Tesla vehicle in Canada, don’t forget to get your dealer invoice price report for any of their existing models before you buy! 

It will allow you to compare costs, financing options, factory incentives and more to make your decision easier and ensure you get the best deal possible.

Watch this space to stay updated on when we make the Tesla Cybertruck dealer invoice report available.


Psst, This is What Your Dealer Invoice Report is Trying to Tell You!

We get it. As a millennial, you have a lot on your plate, everything from paying off that student loan to making your monthly rent – life isn’t easy. 

Luckily, your new car buying experience doesn’t have to be rife with annoying challenges – challenges you clearly don’t need right now. 

Studies show that most millennials optimize the online car buying process more than other buyers. This often reaps big price benefits and is a HUGE time-saver. Where to start? One of the best ways to kick off your online research is with a handy-dandy dealer invoice price report

This report makes the negotiations process 10x easier. For one, you can choose any make and model and almost instantly access information like factory incentives, how much the dealer paid to own the car, leasing and financing rates, vehicle pricing, great insurance quotes and more. 

Let’s say you want to know the cost of a Mazda CX-3 in Canada, all you have to do is complete a short online process on our website that starts with choosing the right model, and within minutes, you’ll have the report sent to your email! A smart shopper is a happy shopper. With this report in hand, it’s easier to negotiate with dealers and properly budget for your new car. 

Look, we know you’re new to this. Today, we’re going to walk you through a car dealer invoice report, help you understand what each section means, and how you can use this information to your advantage at the dealership!


Pricing Guidance

This section offers a very useful formula to help you calculate the best deal. 

Your Best Deal = Invoice Price – Your Eligible Incentives + Member Markup

You will find that this section also details the different markup categories and helps you understand which you fall into. For instance, the markup margin could drastically change depending on whether there are any sales, inventory clear outs or if you’re opting for a high volume model. The markup margin is typically between 5% to 8% for most premium, luxury and high-demand-low-supply models. 


Factory Incentives

Those juicy incentives that your dealer may not always tell you about! These factory-to-dealer incentives reduce the cost the dealer pays to the manufacturer to own the vehicle. They are available on a regional basis and for certain models. 

Such types of incentives work on a don’t-ask-don’t-tell basis; meaning, dealers are not obligated to reveal these rebates to customers. It’s up to you to negotiate in order to benefit from them. Depending on the incentive and the dealership in question, these may run as high as $2,000. 

These may include; First Time Owner’s Program, Grad Awards, Clearout Events, Mobility Programs and the likes. 


Lease and Finance Rates

The report also details factory lease and Scotiabank finance rates for the chosen make and model. This is one of the most beneficial sections as it gives you an insight into long-term car payments and helps you accordingly budget for your vehicle. Car Cost Canada is always updating its system with the latest rates so that you receive real-time information that you can use to your advantage. 


Other Incentives

This section covers;

Clearout Event

Consists of a pre-tax cash rebate or a winter tire rebate. 

Owner Loyalty

A 1% rate reduction for current Mazda owners and family members residing at the same address that finance or lease a new Mazda. 


Recommend Dealerships

Car Cost Canada collaborates with a huge network of trusted and experienced dealerships. Our mission is to ensure you enjoy the best buying experience and maximize your savings. 

Your report will provide the contact information of a certified recommended dealership along with the salesperson you can reach out to. It’s important to take the report with you to the dealership so that the dealer can work with you to keep negotiations to a minimum and help you get the best deal. Make sure to mention that you are a Car Cost Canada member!


Vehicle Pricing

An avid car shopper like yourself isn’t satisfied without the full picture. This report also compares the vehicle’s dealer cost versus its retail price. It touches on the base price, freight, optional equipment chosen, colour, and federal AC excise tax. 


Comparable Vehicles

In case you aren’t quite sure about your car choice, don’t fret! We also provide a list of cars in that same price range and with those same features that other shoppers with your buying habits have shown an interest in. 

What do we recommend? Get a report for each of these vehicles and comparison then becomes a breeze!


Car Insurance

To top it all off, Car Cost Canada also helps fetch you the best insurance rates. We’ve partnered with Sonnet, a trusted and reliable website that offers home and auto insurance quotes online. After going through a few simple questions, you can get a great quote within minutes. 


It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s time. 

Don’t fall prey to that annoying car negotiation process where you leave with an inflated quote.

Get your dealer invoice report and save a ton on your new vehicle.