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The year 2020 has brought a series of fiercely advanced Mazda vehicles, that are designed to give you a high-end driving experience. A range of new features like active safety equipment, updated top tier trims and turbocharged engine, make every car lover fall for a Mazda. Exciting right? If you’re searching for the best  Mazda car cost in Canada, make it easier by contacting a car pricing expert. 

Car Cost Canada offers makes your car purchasing experience delightful in three easy steps. All you need to do is choose a vehicle, and we’ll make a custom pricing report along with a dealer invoice price report. It’s not just a piece of paper but works as your own bargaining chip when you meet your car dealer. 

Whether you know the exact model you’re looking for or need assistance in choosing a smart vehicle, let’s take you through some of the greatest Mazda models of the year.


2020 Mazda CX-3

The 2020 Mazda X3 is stylish, powerful, larger and powerful than before. Here are some highlights of this wonder-

  • The standard price range starts from $21,045
  • 16-Valve-4-Cylinder
  • 6 speaker sound system
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Back-up camera
  • Manual air conditioning


2020 Mazda CX-30

The 2020 Mazda CX-30 comes with an extremely stylish and high-end interior. Every surface of this model has a special feel when you touch.

  • The range starts from $23,950
  • Heated front seats
  • Navigation-Ready System
  • 6-Speed SKYACTIV-Drive Automatic
  • Blind Spot sensor

2020 Mazda CX-5

The advanced features of the 2020 Mazda CX-5 make it to a next-level vehicle. What’s more? The advanced noise reduction feature is a catch1

  • Price for the standard model is $27,950
  • Improved 2.5L engine 
  • Transmission: 6-Spd SKYACTIV-Drive Auto
  • 4 Speaker Sound System
  • Manual Air Conditioning
  • Heated front seats
  • Back-Up camera 


2020 Mazda CX-9

The all-new 2020 Mazda CX-9 SUV is a great option for a family. This spacious model has gotten multiple upgrades this year for grown-up lives.

  • The standard price range is 39,900
  • Engine: 2.5L SKYACTIV-G I4 Turbo
  • 18″ Dark grey high lustre alloy wheels
  • Lane-keep assist system
  • Heated front bucket seats
  • Back-Up camera
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Blindspot sensor

2020 Mazda Mazda3

Available as both sedan and hatchback, the Mazda3 is the most elegant and affordable compact car of the year. A perfect pick for compact lovers.

  • The standard model price starts from $18,000
  • 16” steel wheels
  • Bluetooth/Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Proximity key for push-button start
  • 2 LCD monitors 
  • Back-up camera
  • Engine: 2.0L


2020 Mazda Mazda6 

The 2020 Mazda6 is more than just a regular family sedan as it provides a fun-to-drive experience and gives you the experience of driving a fancy sports car.

  • The price range starts from $27,350
  • Engine: SKYACTIV-G 2.5L
  • 8” colour touchscreen display
  • 17” dark grey alloy wheels 
  • Adjustable heated front seats
  • 6 speaker sound system
  • Bluetooth/Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Power sunroof

So, which one is your pick? Buying a new Mazda model can be quite a task if you aren’t exposed to the right resources and guidance. Prepping yourself with proper research is the key to land up your dream vehicle. 


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Buying a new Tesla model? Get the best possible deal with a customized price report| Tesla dealer invoice price Canada

Thinking of buying a new Tesla Canada model? Well, most car buyers undoubtedly look for the best deals before buying a vehicle. When it comes to taking ownership of an expensive car, it’s always important to get price guidance and buying advice from a car pricing expert. It helps you to discover factory rebates and hidden incentives. 

Tesla is known for it’s high-quality and affordable vehicles and selecting a suitable model that matches your forte is a tough task. You can get the best Tesla dealer invoice price in Canada from CarCostCanada. Never overpay for your Tesla when you can get the best price in the market. 

Here’s what you need to know while selecting a Tesla Canada Model:

Tesla models are hot picks right now and one of the best takeaways is that they don’t require gas. Above all, there are several reasons to invest in a stylish and convenient Tesla vehicle. 

Let’s explore the three most popular Tesla models! 

Model 3

Now, the standard model 3 is available in Canada with a range of 220 miles and a peak speed of 130 mph to 0-60 mph acceleration of 5.6 seconds.

  • The base model rage is $47,600 CAD/ $35,000 USD
  • Premium interior features 
  • It has space for 5 adults
  • There are two trunks both at the front and back
  • Drives about 345 kilometres per charge 

Model S

Tesla’s all-electric model S is one of the best selling cars and the 100-kWh battery provides it with excellent acceleration. 

  • The standard range starts with $102,890 CAD 
  • Top speed 250km/h
  • One motor in the front and one in the rear digitally monitors the rear wheels
  • Up to 5 people can fit inside this model
  • An expensive 17” touchscreen in the fronts provides an amazing visual experience

Model X

The 2020 Tesla model X is considered to be one of the fastest cars from the brand with a driving range over 300 miles. 

  • The base cost $110,890 CAD
  • Maximum speed range recorded is 475 kilometres 
  • There’s room for up to 7 people 
  • One of the remarkable features is its gull-wing doors
  • Dual electric motors 

You must be thinking which model is suitable for you and how to get the best price options? Well, when it comes to buying your new Tesla, it’s always better to be prepared with some negotiation tactics before facing the car dealer. 

Don’t do it alone, consult a car pricing expert!

Buying your car alone is not the solution. Your first goal should be arranging a dealer invoice price report from a trusted car pricing expert and then choose a suitable model. Having a dealer invoice report helps you to get the best deal. 

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