When it comes to buying a new vehicle, there are many costs to take into consideration. Beyond the initial cost of purchasing the car, there are many added up costs that will continue to grow for as long as you have a vehicle.

For purchasing your vehicle, having a resource such as Car Cost Canada can be beneficial as it does car price comparisons and provides dealer invoices for you to compare the value of different vehicles you may be looking at. Depending on your vehicle choice, you may have less associated costs because the truth is, there is a wide range of cheaper cars to expensive cars when it comes to maintenance that can change your annual contribution.

Keep reading to learn about the top 10 cheapest cars to maintain so that you can save even after purchasing your vehicle:

#10: Kia Optima

In tenth place is the Kia Optima. With roughly under $7000 to maintain the car, this car allows for optimal usage. This Korean manufacturer has been ranked 14 out of 30 overall with a rough median cost of $9000 for 10 years of maintenance.

#9: Scion xB

Even though new Scion cars are no longer being manufactured, the pre existing cars are still quite the affordable vehicle. It cost a little under $7000 to maintain in a 10 year period.

#8: Toyota Yaris

Toyota vehicles have been known to be affordable and reliable cars which is why the list of top 10 cheapest vehicles incorporates several Toyota cars. At a maintenance cost of roughly $6500, it sits at one of the cheaper options on the market. The surprising thing is that the Yaris is actually on the more expensive side when it comes to the Toyota spectrum, which means a quality vehicle at an affordable price!

#7: Nissan Versa

This vehicle offers plenty of passenger room, making it one of the cars that provide ultimate comfort when driving. The cost of maintenance over 10 years is under $6000.

#6: Toyota Corolla

Another Toyota car! This vehicle is one of the best-sellers both in the brand itself and the automotive industry as a whole. In the past 50 years, they have sold over 43 million Corollas worldwide. Beyond its comfortability, spacious interior, secure handling, and safety feature, the maintenance cost per decade is roughly $5900, making it a top choice for anyone looking for a good driving and affordable vehicle.

#5: Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is a pick up truck from Toyota. The decade maintenance cost is around the same as a Toyota Corolla, which is shocking as a pick up truck is on a different spectrum when it comes to vehicle choices.

#4: Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is known for being one of the most economical vehicles. While other Honda models come in top 20 of being the most affordable, the Fit makes top 5. The maintenance cost is roughly $5500 for a decade.

#3: Toyota Camry

The Camry has always been known for quality performance and great fuel saving for a mid-size vehicle. The maintenance cost average around $5300, earning this vehicle its third place.

#2: Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a unique car as it is a boxy hatchback but also functions as an SUV. It has an abundance of interior space, with chairlike seats and large windows, amping up the quality and comfort of the vehicle. The maintenance cost is about $4700, a drastic difference from the Toyota Camry, pushing it as top 2 of affordable vehicles.

#1: Toyota Prius

Last but not least is the Toyota Prius – this vehicle is a hybrid car and beyond that, it wins the top spot because its maintenance costs for ten years are only $4300! With fuel economy settings and low maintenance costs, this is the car to get.


With 10 affordable choices to choose from, there is a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Taking into account maintenance costs is important because you will never go a year without doing a checkup or replacing components of the car. Being proactive in research and ensuring that you know the true cost of owning a vehicle before you buy is important.

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