Benefits of an Infiniti

When it comes to purchasing a new car, your choice on the spectrum of expensive luxurious cars to affordable models can differ based on your preferences and your budget. Preferences can range from the brand, model, and make, to the vehicle add-ons, fuel economy, maintenance fees, etc. There are many factors to consider, especially when you are a new car buyer.

With various factors to consider and options to choose from, there is a lot you can do when choosing your next vehicle. Infiniti has been a popular automotive choice this season. However, with a reputation for higher maintenance costs, people often find themselves cornered into choosing other vehicles. This is where Car Cost Canada comes in – with our dealer invoice report system, you are able to see the car at dealer cost which helps you leverage and negotiate a better price point for your purchasing convenience.

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An Introduction to Infiniti Vehicles

When you want the best of everything in a car, Infiniti is the obvious choice. Not only do the Infiniti vehicles ingrain the latest technology, they also flaunt a classy look to give you an escape from the mundane routine. Don’t believe us? Just take a test drive and see for yourself.

Thanks to Infiniti’s new lineup of models, the luxury is now within reach for everyone. Be it an everyday commuter or an eco-conscious thrill seeker, everyone can now revel in the feeling of that luxurious drive. Here is a break-down of Infiniti vehicles to give you a gist of various options available:

Coupes: The Q60 will let you turn heads when it roars down the road. It has received a slew of amazing performance reviews from existing owners, so adventure is automatically promised when you go for this one.        

Sedans: If it’s going to be an everyday drive, Q50 or Q70 will make an awesome choice. After a long, hard day at work, you’d actually look forward to driving your Infiniti. For more space, you can go for Q70L that will grant you the same level of performance without compromising the style quotient.

Crossovers: For hustling through the city traffic, turn to the QX50 or QX50 that will make driving an absolute breeze while still giving more than enough space for your family and luggage. For additional space and power, go for the larger variants of these models.

SUVs: Take pleasure in the massive power and cargo capacity of the new QX80. Combined with luxurious interiors that are almost standard in all Infiniti cars, this model can prove your perfect partner in your thrill-seeking pursuits.

Hybrids: Save fuel at the pump, but not at the cost of the modern luxuries that come with driving an Infiniti car. The Q70 and Q50 sedans come as hybrid options as well, so choose what piques your interests and goes with your budget.

A sneak peek into the exclusive technologies in Infiniti vehicles

One of the very first things that millennials look for when buying a new car is its infotainment system, i.e. entertainment and information technologies integrated in the vehicle. Infiniti has a topnotch InTouch system that will go along every journey you make, through its impressive navigation, entertainment, security and convenience features. With voice or touch commands, you will stay engaged and informed while driving on the road.

The All-Wheel Drive is an intelligent technology that can adapt to varying road conditions pretty quickly. By shifting 50% of the available power to the front wheels, this feature in your Infiniti will ensure you can drive smoothly in the harsh season of winter. The system will revert to the rear wheels when you don’t need the extra traction.

Imagine how easy it would be to drive when there is an in-built car technology that keeps an eye on the road around you! Infiniti Safety Shield will do that for you, protecting you and passengers in the event of a collision. When combined with technologies like Distance Control Assist and Cruise Control, Safety Shield will endow you with added comfort and security. Some other features that you can avail are Blind Spot Intervention, Predictive Forward Collision Warning and more.

Once you have settled on the Infiniti car you want, make sure to get a dealer invoice report from Car Cost Canada.

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