Why You Should Choose CarCostCanada

Shopping for a new car can take quite some time, you usually want to consider all relating factors before you make the pricey purchase. You may want to review and research which vehicle best suits your interests, lifestyle, and of course your budget. Why not make the process easier by getting a free online invoice report from CarCostCanada?

Dealer Invoice Price Report 

No one should be paying an extra thousand on a vehicle when they don’t have to. Having a website that breaks down the numbers for you enables more reliability. Other factory invoice price report providers .vs. CarCostCanada vary in terms of the services and background. For one, CarCostCanada was the first company to offer dealer invoice prices in Canada. Since 1999, we have been Canada’s primary choice for free car reports. Our website outlines where and how you can save the extra hundred or thousand dollars by knowing the dealer cost of all new vehicles in Canada. CarCostCanada is a great tool to use to aid you in your next car shopping experience.

Features You Can Use

Don’t worry about no free trial or surprising price to pay for our service. At CarCostCanada, we want to make sure you go through the process easily at no extra cost. Just a couple clicks away and you get your free report, no subscription and no premium fee.

When you are on our website, there are three tabs already laid out in the middle of the home page. You choose your make, choose your model, and click free report. Yes it’s that easy, and if you are having some trouble, worry not, there is a instructional video you can watch that breaks down what the process is all about. After you click ‘free report’, it will bring you through another page that will simply ask you additional questions about the car. So you first build and price a new car, then get the best price formula and in the last step you get a new car dealership introduction. We work with hand-selected professional dealerships that will provide you with the best price and trouble-free buying experience. The report can also be used to your own benefit for negotiating purposes with the dealer. Our key priority is to get the appropriate cost of the vehicle for customers.

The CarCostCanada new vehicle database is also a significant tool that assists our parent company’s insurance services division to supply many of the major Canadian insurance companies with up-to-date new vehicle pricing information. This is helpful for settling total-loss claims on almost all new cars. CarCostCanada’s free invoice is essential when researching and shopping around for your next new car.

Our Strengths Prove We Are Better

No matter what perspective you are standing from, dealership or buyer, CarCostCanada ensures both parties are equally happy. Unlike other factory invoice price report providers, we don’t make it a hassle for the dealer, nor are our services just a tool for dealerships. What you see is what you get, everything is absolutely free. Not only that, but we are your trusted Canadian company that will offer you your free report without asking for any personal information, such as phone number. We won’t ever ask you personal questions to send to other dealerships that will attempt luring you into a purchase by throwing numbers at you. No one should be hustled by the seller. Always remember, you are buying a new car, you are not buying the deal. At CarCostCanada, we make sure of that and we want you to get the price you want just a couple clicks away.    

Save some cash, choose CarCostCanada today! We offer exceptional and appropriate Canadian pricing for your next vehicle purchase, visit us today!