With gas prices on the rise, switching to a more fuel-efficient car seems like the appropriate decision to make. Going to the grocery store and back shouldn’t cost you the 20 dollars you filled the car up with. There are many vehicles in which are fuel-friendly, some have higher fuel economy or others could be hybrid, either way there are cars that could aid you with your gas costs. You can find the best new car deals in Canada with the help of CarCostCanada.

We offer free invoice price reports, so you won’t have to look no further in your pricing research. Fuel-efficient cars provide numerous advantages compared to the not so fuel-friendly cars. Consumers gain a lot, and so does the environment, but saving money at the pump can go a long way for your wallet. Gas-guzzling cars are now a thing of the past, find out the advantages of fuel-efficient vehicles and which cars you should look into if you are considering the eco-friendly/cost-friendly change.

Advantages of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Besides being cost-efficient, vehicles that are fuel-friendly come with many other benefiting factors. Fuel-efficient cars get better gas mileage, this is a bonus for drivers because it means that you are using less gas and getting better kilometres per litre. Gas-friendly cars can also reduce the dependency on foreign oil and are environmentally friendly. With a smaller gasoline engine, these types of vehicles release fewer pollutants into the air.

Gasoline and diesel powered cars emit greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide, that contribute to climate change. Hybrid vehicles can reduce air emissions of smog-forming by up to 90 percent. Additionally, they can also lower emissions of carbon dioxide in half. Every kilometre you save with fuel-efficient cars makes a big difference to curb global warming and climate change. Save your wallet and save the Earth by switching to a more eco-friendly vehicle.  

The Most Fuel-Friendly Cars For You

Say no to gas-guzzling cars, the following is a list of a variety of some fuel-efficient cars along

with estimated price ranges:

  • Chevrolet Spark – $13,925 (1.4-litre)
  • Toyota Camry – $24,390 (2.5-litre)
  • Toyota Corolla – $19,445 (1.8-litre)
  • Ford Focus – $18,735 (2.0-litre)
  • Nissan Versa – $12,995 (1.6-litre)
  • Toyota Yaris iA – $16,845 (1.5-litre)
  • Hyundai Elantra – $17,835 (1.4-litre)
  • Honda Civic – $19,730 (1.5-litre)
  • Honda Fit – $17,080 (1.5-litre)
  • Mitsubishi Mirage – $14,260 (1.2-litre)

How CarCostCanda Can Help

While on the look for fuel-friendly cars, finding the suitable car with the appropriate price can be a process of its own. At CarCostCanada, we save you the time and energy from doing that research. Our free invoice reports can be used to your own advantage even when you are negotiating a price with the car dealer. Build and price a new car by getting a free report with dealer cost and the hidden factory incentives and rebates that you are entitled to.

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Fuel-efficient cars seem to be a popular choice for consumers. Making that switch is a smart decision and you will thank yourself for that change when you are at the gas pump. Gas prices seem to be on the rise and by the looks of it, seems like those soaring prices are not going anywhere and are here to stay.

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