Hybrid vehicles are making up an increasing portion of total vehicles sold in Canada. Canada’s big incentives and the increased competition in the hybrid class between massive car companies have increased sales over the last few years. Thinking of purchasing a new Hybrid vehicle? Don’t walk into a dealership without a free Car Cost Canada dealer invoice price report. There are many factors to consider when thinking of making the switch to Hybrid, so here is a short list of key questions that you might want to be answered.

How do Hybrid Cars Work?

A Hybrid vehicle incorporates both the benefits of an electric motor and the use of a conventional internal combustion engine; hybrids use onboard computers that calculate when to make use of the electric motor, the gas motor, or a combination of the two, to achieve maximal fuel efficiency at all times. Most Hybrid vehicles use the electric motor when moving below 30 km/h and revert to the gasoline engine above those speeds. The car’s batteries are recharged as you drive using the brakes and the combustion engine. If you’re interested in switching to a new hybrid vehicle, make sure to get your free Car Cost Canada Report. Viewing the Dealer Invoice Price of a new car can help you save big on a car’s sticker price.

What’s the Difference Between A plug-in Hybrid and a Traditional Hybrid?

The difference between a plug-in hybrid and a traditional hybrid is that a plug-in uses its electric motor at all times, only using its gas engine to extend its range when the electric motor is low on charge. Another key difference is that plug-in hybrids can be recharged using an external power supply. Traditional hybrid vehicles can achieve fantastic fuel economy when compared to a gasoline engine vehicle, and plug-in hybrids can achieve even better fuel economy than traditional hybrids. Looking to save on gas and make your driving experience more efficient by switching to hybrid? Don’t forget to find out the dealer invoice prices on the models you’re interested in before you step into a dealership. Get a free Car Cost Canada report today.

Why do Hybrids cost more than gasoline engine cars?

Hybrids cost more than gasoline engine cars because of the material cost of lithium ion batteries and the high costs of engineering a hybrid system. These increase the production costs of hybrid vehicles and are often passed on to the consumer. These costs can, however, be offset by incentives offered by Canada, insurers, and car dealers on hybrids, as well as the money consumers, save on gasoline. The savings achieved by driving a fuel efficient hybrid is greater in cities, when the electric motor can be used more often at lower speeds, and as the price of gas increases. If excellent fuel economy and saving on gas sounds good to you, check out Car Cost Canada to get dealer invoice prices on new hybrid models.

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