You’ve done the research, spent hours checking out car comparisons in Canada, got the best deal on your new car, and now it’s time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, so to speak. The paperwork is one of the most overlooked, and least enjoyable, parts of buying a new car. Even once you’ve reached an agreement on the price and figured out your monthly payments, there’s still more paperwork to fill out. You still need to get financing, register the car, get insurance, and sign the sales contract.

While it may seem simple and straightforward, it can be a lengthy process. So before you head over to the dealer to sign the paperwork for your new car, read this article and be thoroughly prepared.

What You Need to Bring

Driver’s license: You may need your driver’s license to confirm your identity for your method of payment. Also, if you’re planning to drive your car right off the lot, then you’ll need to show the dealer that you have a driver’s license first.

Insurance: Before you can drive the car off the lot, you will have to show the dealer that you have insurance because it is illegal to drive a car in Canada without it. As soon as you’ve determined the car you are buying, you should be calling your insurance company to set up the new insurance policy. If you are already have an account with an insurance company, you can call them from the dealership and give them your new vehicle identification number (VIN). Your insurance company can then fax or email your new insurance credentials to the dealer.

Payment: Different dealers will vary on the kinds of payments they accept, so it’s better to ask them before you go to sign the papers.If you are financing or leasing the car through the dealer you should bring a credit or debit card or a personal cheque to make the payment. If you are getting a loan from a financial institution, such as a bank, then you need bring a cheque to show the dealer that you have been approved for the loan.

Car Delivery

Once you have all of the paperwork and payments out of the way, the next thing you have to do is actually get the vehicle. May sound easy enough, but sometimes you have to wait for the dealer to deliver it to you if they don’t already have it on the lot. If the car is on the lot, the process takes roughly an hour, but it can take longer if they’re are a lot of other buyers picking up their cars on the same day. Weekends are a preferred time to go and pick up cars, so if you can finalize your deal on a weekday, it will likely be easier and faster for you.

When you see the vehicle during the pickup, be sure to give it a thorough inspect to ensure that it is in proper condition and contains all the features and equipment that were promised in the agreement. You should also look at the gas tank, as it should be full when you receive the car.

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