The world-renowned automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz, has become a staple car name to reference to when it comes to choosing a new vehicle. The company has redefined the idea of a luxurious car and has uniquely positioned it in the market to reflect that. With high quality vehicles, there are high costs associated — which is why understanding the reasoning behind why these cars are so good is important.

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Keep reading to learn about Mercedes-Benz and why they are deemed to be one of the best in the field:

Redefining Luxury

When it comes to a luxurious car, the add-ons and feature packages continue to add value, creating its worth. With a Mercedes-Benz, the value and quality comes from comfort and exceptional performance. Known for much more than its looks, the luxurious aspect is defined through the durability and strength within its product lines.

Exceptional Performance

With all Mercedes-Benz product lines, they are all paired with advanced engines. Their engines are unique in that they all have efficient, noise-reducing 7 or 9 speed automatic transmissions. This ensures that your vehicle has power and handling that can adapt to your driving style, providing optimal comfort and versatility. Performance features such as the 4MATIC, all-wheel drive, DYNAMIC SELECT, and AIRMATIC suspension, also contribute to the comfortability of your drive.

Beyond the structure of the vehicle, technology has been widely integrated with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. With smartphone integration and remote control being the preliminary foundation for most of their product line, Mercedes is ahead of the game with their technology components.

Style and Look

All of the product lines has their own look but the style of the brand is consistent throughout it all. With blazing headlights, side mirror-integrated turning signals, dramatic air intakes, and a star stamped or classic multi-bar grille, the brand stands out from the crowd. The symbol of luxury has never been more clear.

Competitive Platform

In comparison to other luxury model cars, the costs are lower. For example, a Rolls Royce or Tesla come with a hefty price tag whereas Mercedes provides the same high quality and value with low prices.

Beyond the pricing strategy, Mercedes has been in connection with its market through various platforms including social media. Known to interact with its market through personalized messages and engagements, the brand knows how to take risks and brand themselves well. They are the Wendy’s of fast food for automotives.

Lastly, their product line is elaborate allowing for them to tap into the market well. With sedans to trucks to vans, Mercedes-Benz has it covered. The specific product lines themselves have a broad range which creates high levels of functionality when consumers are looking at the brand. For every purpose, function, and objective, Mercedes-Benz has a car for you.

Brand Reputation

In the past year, Mercedes had achieved its most successful years. With unit sales increasing by 9.9% last year, they sold a total of 2,289,344 vehicles in 2017. With new products such as the E-Class Saloon and Estate, as well as growth in SUV sales, it is not a shocker that Mercedes-Benz continues to do well. Lastly, over 130,000 AMG cars sold, a growth of 33%, and that was the first time that the product line hit six-figure unit sales.

Their strategy, CASE, is based on being connected, autonomous, shared, and the foundation of services and electric. The combination of these four components is what creates the success factors for providing customers with the best package. The brand invests in these fields to help develop their strength in their core business and that is what makes it as successful as it is today.

How Car Cost Canada can help

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