Going electric – what seemed like only a mere dream a decade ago is now a reality we can all take part in. Electric vehicles are so prevalent on Canadian roads, it’s hard NOT to spot one. Why are electric vehicles all the rage all of a sudden? It’s no surprise that electric vehicles are beneficial to the planet, however, most consumers are unaware that they are beneficial when it comes to the checkbook as well. The cost of “charging is significantly lower than the cost of filling up a tank and with copious amounts of rebates offered, the ability to save money is highly present.


Electric cars are a great option for commuters with varying budgets and needs. No two electric vehicles are the same. If you’re considering an EV, here are the best new car deals Canada has to offer:


Nissan Leaf


If you’re looking for something compact, functional, and affordable, the Leaf has it ALL. The new and improved Nissan Leaf has a range of 242 km on a single charge, making it a great option if you like to take those long, summer cruises. The Leaf is also a compact vehicle, making it easy to navigate the city and find parking spots in even the smallest of places. Its hp sits just under 150. While speed isn’t it’s forte, it makes up for it with its safety and longevity. The Leaf starts just over $35,000 for the base model, making it an affordable option in the EV world.


Go for it if: you are looking for a functional EV that can go the distance


Move on if: you want a faster, sportier vehicle


Smart Fortwo


Owning a large car with ample seating is grounds for you becoming the taxi service for your friends and family. One day you’re dropping a friend off down the street, the next day you’re dropping your co-workers off 30km away. How can you solve that issue? A Smart Car! The Smart Fortwo is a two-seater vehicle with limited space. In 2018, the Fortwo went fully electric in North America. The range may be limited, at 155km on a single charge, but another excuse for not having to drop people off around the city! The Smart Fortwo is an excellent option for city drivers, especially those in cities such as Toronto or Vancouver City where traffic is heavy a majority of the time. If parking isn’t your specialty, this vehicle will make it a breeze!

Go for it if: you are tired of being the chauffeur for everyone 


Move on if: you want to buy more than two bags worth of groceries – this EV has very limited cargo space 


Jaguar I-PACE


Luxury, comfort, space, power – the best way to describe the Jaguar I-PACE. This luxury class vehicle has a spacious interior and a sleek exterior. From family road trips to city cruising, the I-PACE can do it all. When we said power, we weren’t kidding – the I-PACE has 394 hp and can go from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. The hp isn’t the only impressive stat this vehicle has to offer. The I-PACE has a range of 386km on a single charge, making it a great road trip ride! All these impressive stats, however, come with a hefty price tag. The Jaguar I-PACE starts at just over $89,000. What it lacks in affordability, it certainly makes up for in power, space, and style.


Go for it if: you are looking for a spacious EV with a sporty feel to it


Move on if: you don’t want to fork over (at least) $90k for a car


Kia Soul EV


Want a vehicle with space but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? The Kia Soul EV is here to save the day! It may be classed as a compact vehicle, but it certainly has a lot of room! The Kia Soul EV also has a very unique look to it, perfect if you want to stand out on the roads. With a range of 179km on a single charge, the Soul EV is perfect for city commuters. The output of the vehicle does pale in comparison to the other models mentioned, at 109hp, however, the higher end models go as high as 201 hp. The Soul starts at just under $43,000 dollars and with all its new aged features, it’s well worth!


Go for it if: you are a city commuter who doesn’t spend a ton of time driving


Move on if: you want an all-wheel-drive vehicle – the Soul EV only comes in front-wheel-drive currently


BMW i3


There’s no denying, German engineering is top-tier and they continued to bring that quality with the i3. The i3 is the fully electric sister to the BMW i8 which is a hybrid. Compared to the i8, it is also a fraction of the price, starting just under $45,000. The i3 has a range of 200km, making it a great ride for daily commuters. Just like the non-electric BMWs, the i3 has a touch of class on every inch of it, with a sleek and modern interior and unique exterior. Canadian drives, however, must take note of the fact that the i3 only comes as a rear-wheel-drive option currently. While this does make it a more powerful sports vehicle, it can be a little difficult to navigate in the winter. With that being said, it hits the standards of all BMWs in that it is a fun, thrilling vehicle.


Go for it if: you want a luxury vehicle at an economical price


Move on if: you do a lot of driving in the winter – RWD is not ideal for harsh conditions


With the EV market growing, more and more manufacturers are hopping on board creating their own electric or hybrid models. It once seemed that the only electric vehicle on the market was Tesla, however, nowadays, the options are superfluous and EVs are becoming more and more affordable for the everyday driver.


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