Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent, so much so, that you will most likely see at least one on your commute. Electric vehicles work just like your smartphone; plug it in and charge it up and because they contain fewer parts, they are typically cheaper to maintain and run. This is enticing to consumers, of course, giving them peace of mind when it comes to their vehicle, hence, why so many are making the switch to electric. One huge brand to come out with electric and hybrid vehicles is BMW. BMW is known for their advanced technology, pristine attention to detail, and the power their vehicles all hold. With an added touch of luxury, BMW has mastered the craft on constructing visually-appealing, safe, and still powerful electric vehicles. BMW electric cars cost more than the average vehicle, but the overall savings and benefits make the initial fee well worth it.

In recent years, BMW has released a fully electric vehicle and a hybrid. This was a complete 180 for the brand that is so used to making powerful, roaring engines, however, they have mastered the craft. The i3 model is an economical hatchback; great for families or those looking for a luxury, electrical vehicle without spending an arm or a leg. The i8 model, on the other hand, is a hybrid sports model, geared toward car enthusiasts who love the rush of a BMW whilst simultaneously cutting fuel costs. Each car comes with its own unique features and with our dealer invoice reports, we can help you save money on one of these innovative models.

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is unique, to say the least. This hatchback boasts a look like no other, but don’t be fooled by its funky frame, this car is incredibly durable. The performance-oriented car is jam-packed with futuristic features, including an impressive infotainment system. Similar to any other electric device, you simply plug the car in and let it charge. At home chargers are available; taking less than 3 hours to charge from 0%-80% as well as public charging stations, taking less than 30 minutes to charge from 0%-80%. While charging the vehicle takes longer than filling up your tank, the range is impressive with the i3 delivering a 130 to 160 km range and the i3 REx delivering 260 to 290 km, on a single charge.

The i3 is loaded with an abundance of safety features, making it a great family vehicle. From BMW Assist eCall™ to impact sensors to a smart anti-theft alarm system, this vehicle is protected both on and off the road. Despite the fact that the i3 is a Rear-Wheel Drive vehicle, it is surprisingly durable in the winter. Many current owners of the i3 stated they were hesitant about a RWD vehicle in the winter but were pleasantly surprised at it’s handling and traction on those gruesome winter days. The heat pump and insulated battery also protect the vehicle from harsh climates which will aid in reducing energy consumption by approximately 30% as well as aid in keeping your vehicle up and running when most vehicles tend to give up. The i3 is the perfect car for those looking for a great feat of German engineering, families, and those who want to make the switch over to an electric vehicle without paying an arm and a leg.

BMW i8

Power, speed, durability, functionality, aesthetically-pleasing; these, and more, are all the great factors the BMW i8 encompasses. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury, hybrid vehicle, look no further than the i8. This vehicle is a hybrid, meaning it runs off of both fuel and battery power. Whilst the all-electric range pales in comparison to the i3, delivering 53 km on a single charge, it’s range can be extended through the use of fuel. One thing the i8 certainly does not sacrifice is power. Boasting 374 horsepower and 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds, this vehicle is perfect for any car enthusiast or thrill-seeker out there (just don’t race on public roads!).

The i8 is designed for those looking for an upgraded, luxury sports vehicle with its own unique characteristics. The i8 comes loaded with the same safety features as the i3, making it a safe, sports vehicle. The i8 also comes stocked with a powerful 280-watt amplifier, scissor doors, and the unique BMW i “U-shape” brake and headlights, ensuring you will not be missed when you hit the road in this beast. This BMW model cost significantly more than the i3 model, starting at $147, 500 CAD, but rest assured, it is worth every penny. Loaded with power, durability, speed, safety, and luxury, the i8 is certainly the way to go when considering a luxury, hybrid vehicle.

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