Gas prices have been rising, and with no estimated date as to when they’ll come down, drivers need to be smart about how to save on fuel costs before they reach the pump. Luckily, there are several easy ways to save on gas. Keep reading for some simple ways to save on gas.

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Easy Tips to Save on Gas

Drive Less: With the cost of gas currently on the rise and the economy depreciating, many people are opting to drive less. You can carpool to work with your co-workers and share the cost of gas; you can combine errands and shopping trips into one day to avoid repeatedly driving around. If local shops are close by, consider walking instead of wasting gas on a short drive.

Warm Up Your Car for Shorter Lengths of Time: This is a tip that will help you save more in the winter; if you wake up in the morning and it’s freezing, try not to warm your car up for longer than a minute. If you have the engine idling for longer than that, you’ll waste fuel. The engines in more modern cars don’t need as much time to warm up, so start your car just before you’re ready to go and let it finish warming up as you drive.

Buy Gas Early or Late in the Day: Try to refill on gas early or late in the day, especially when the weather is warmer. When gas is cooler it’s more dense and you get more when you pump. Also, buy gas earlier in the week as the price typically increases between Wednesday and Saturday, but stay lower during the early days of the week. It also tends to be cheaper either later at night or in the early morning.

Slow Down and Drive Steady: While driving faster is more thrilling, it increases drag, which in turn increases your fuel consumption. Drive the speed limit and accelerating slowly to use your gas more efficiently. This was you can get away with filling up less often.

Turn Off the Engine: If you’re waiting outside for someone or you’re stuck waiting for a train to pass, turn your car engine off. Idling wastes a lot of gas, so try and keep your car off if you have to stay put for awhile.

Avoid Gas Stations Near the Highway:  If you’ve been driving along the highway for awhile, you can bet that the first gas station you encounter is going to be pricey. If you can, drive a little farther to find a less expensive gas station.

Don’t Wait Until Your Tank Is Almost Empty to Fill Up: Keep your eyes peeled for when the price of gas drops and fill up then. If you wait until your tank is almost empty, you’ll be forced to pay for whatever gas is closest, and you won’t be able to look for a better deal.

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