Every family has their own unique needs specific requirements for a new car. Some might require more space for sports gear, some might need more seats, and some might need more hauling power. Getting a free dealer invoice price report from CarCostCanada can help you get the best deals possible on any new family car. Below you can find a short guide to help you get the car that you need.

7+ Seater SUVs

The Toyota Highlander is a fantastic SUV with 7+ seats, perfect for families who frequently carpool or who often need to run a packed vehicle. With extreme efficiency and room to spare, this a 7 or 8 seat passenger can be the perfect fit for your family.

Families that need a rugged new car with space and power should consider a full sized SUV like the Toyota Sequoia. A full sized SUV is perfect for a family that loves the outdoors, with a V8 engine, and durability that can handle any terrain in Canada. The Sequoia, with a fuel efficient engine and proven capabilities on any terrain, can handle the outdoors and stay comfortable for school runs.

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Minivans are arguably the most versatile new family car available on the market today, and the best deals for the space they offer. With enormous seating capabilities and easy access to the cabin, a minivan is perfect for a growing family with young children. Minivans are incredibly popular with parents in Canada for all their family oriented features. A mini van’s sliding door, for example, can make using a car seat a lot easier.

With rows and rows folding seats, the Toyota Sienna can store every piece of gear and sports equipment a family could ever need to haul while incorporating top of the line safety features.


If you want to meet all of your family’s needs in an environmentally friendly manner, a new hybrid car is the right choice for you. Toyota’s new Prius V, for example, incorporates a hybrid system as well as large cabin and folding seats that families in Canada love. Combining the fuel efficiency of a small car with the spacious cargo hold of a cross over, and top op of the line safety and tech features, this car is perfect for a growing family.


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