The auto show season just flew by, and with it came a whole new line of 2018 models to get excited about! We know you can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the most revolutionary cars to date, but do you know the features and tiniest little details that set them apart? Check out our car comparison of favorites from 2018’s most promising rides, and learn how you can get the best new car deals for them before getting behind the wheel!

Volvo XC90

This three-row seating roomy and luxurious SUV has many fascinating and safety-proof technical features to make your car ride stress-free and smooth. With four hidden cameras that provide a 360 degree view when parking or driving, you can ensure a smooth and safe drive from backing out of your garage and entering the highway, all the way to end of your trip.

The center display of the vehicle shows the camera’s view to assist with parking. You can select whether to view either camera using the convenient touch screen display. The Volvo XC90 also comes with an automated emergency braking system and semi autonomous features that allows the car to speed up, slow down or stop. It can also control the direction when it’s driven under the speed of 30 kph. Finally, with an enlarged the space between the front wheel and the seat, driving in your new car can definitely be more comfortable even with extended periods on the road.

Audi Q7

Introducing the techiest SUV in the car industry. With a driver-assistant system that reacts to all types of emergency situations by either braking or closing the windows and sunroof, it’s easy to keep the car secure for both drivers and passengers.

There is also an option for you to upgrade the driver-assistant system so that it provides a backup assist to prevent collision while driving on a highway and parking in order for the driver the to keep the car in its lane in both situations. You can choose whether or you want to have a full-color heads-up display installed to show information like the current speed, speed limit, and navigation on the windshield. There’s also a 12.3-inch panel display behind the wheel that shows vehicle instruments and infotainment information. There are three rows of seats in the vehicle which can be moved around in order fit more cargo in the trunk. Lastly, the front seat also comes with standard heating.

Tesla Model X

One of the higher-end, price tag-heavy cars to debut in the auto show, the Tesla Model X is one of the most popular and highly-anticipated cars the automotive industry has yet to offer.

This car has one of the coolest physical features that includes the futuristic Falcon Wing doors and the ability to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in 3.2 seconds. There are also many ways to control the Falcon Wing doors as well such as using a manual touch or using the digital controls on the 17-inch touchscreen display. Not only do they look very cool, the doors are also very effective, as it lets the passengers sitting in the third row enter the car as easy as the ones sitting in the second row, simply because the second row seats automatically move forward with a simple push of a button.

Another cool, long-awaited feature to debut in the Tesla X is the panoramic glass windshield that stretches all the way back towards the Falcon Wing doors. Model X also has a very advanced automated driving pilot which allows you to swiftly steer, brake or even switch lanes. Despite coming at quite the hefty price tag, there’s no denying that these cool, high-tech features are definitely worth every penny when it comes to making driving on Canada’s busiest roads safe, and totally a breeze.

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