Buying a brand new car can get expensive, so everyone wants the best possible deals when buying a car, but negotiating correctly with a car dealer is harder than it seems. Which is why more people should get a dealer invoice price report from Car Cost Canada. It’s free and it’ll tell you how much the dealer paid for the car you want, plus any rebates and incentives you’re entitled to, so you can negotiate with all the right information.

Here are some tips for negotiating the best price on your next car in Canada:

Be Informed

Researching can help you get the best deals possible in Canada and help you determine exactly what it is that you want. This makes it harder for you to be persuaded into buying something you don’t want, and it makes getting what you do want a much quicker process. Learn about the brands and models you are considering and then decide which trim levels suit your needs. Reviews from trusted sources are a great place to get information on the cars you’re interested in; if you’re looking into getting a car that’s been manufactured that year, you can look at the previous year model to see what people said about it. Make sure you understand what fees the dealer can charge, and decide which ones need to pay for, to get a better idea of the cost of your car.

Being informed about which fees are important and which ones aren’t, and which optional extras you might benefit from. Knowing the details about the cars you’re looking at can help you get to negotiate a better deal. This is why we recommend getting a free report from Car Cost Canada; it’ll tell you all the details you need to know about the price and incentives and help you get the best deals possible by providing you with all the information you need.

Get the Dealer Invoice Price

The dealer invoice price report is absolutely necessary for getting the best deals possible in Canada. The dealer invoice price is what the dealership was charged for the car by the manufacturer. The dealer wants you to pay as close to the MSRP as possible, in order for them to make a profit. So the room for negotiation for the best deal is between the price the dealer paid and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

The invoice price is the crucial component in making sure you start the negotiation on the right foot and get the best deal on your new car. This is why you need a free report from Car Cost Canada.

Figure Out Which Payment Option is Right for You

Dealerships in Canada usually offer three different ways of purchasing a car, with cash, through financing or by leasing. Cash payments obviously require you to pay the full price of the car along with all of its fees, while financing a car allows you to pay for the on a monthly basis with interest over a set period.

Leasing a car allows you to pay only a certain portion of the car’s price at the cost of ownership and often mileage restrictions. Deciding which payment option is the right one for you can save a lot of time, and make your negotiation a smoother process, allowing you to get the deals possible. All the information about financing and leasing rates will be included in your price report.

Looking to get the best deal on your next car? You need to get a free dealer invoice price report from Car Cost Canada to get all the information to negotiate the best price for your new car. Call 1 866 453 6995 for more information.