16-year old Chloe Chambers breaks Guinness slalom record

Talented teen Chloe Chambers sets Guinness World slalom record in Porsche 718 Spyder
Young 16-year old Chloe Chambers has set a Guinness World slalom record at the wheel of a Porsche 718 Spyder.

When someone says “age is just a number” they’re usually being positive about making the most of one’s retirement years, but in the case of Chloe Chambers, a talented young kart racer from New York, the feel-good story is in her lack of years.

Competitively driving karts since the tender age of 11, the now experienced 16-year old moved up from open-wheel racing to a luxury-lined production Porsche 718 Spyder in order to take on the Guinness World Record for quickest slalom time.

Talented teen Chloe Chambers sets Guinness World slalom record in Porsche 718 Spyder
Watching Chambers in action (see video below) clearly shows her ease at the wheel.

The number worth remembering in this instance is 47.45 seconds, or 0.66 if you’re wanting to count the difference between her time and how long it took the previous record-holder, China’s Jia Qiang, to snake through 50 cones at the wheel of a Chevrolet Camaro two years ago.

“It looks easy, but it’s really not – to weave between 50 cones as fast as possible, trying to beat a record time and knowing I couldn’t touch a single one for the run to count – I definitely felt the pressure,” stated Chambers. “Everything came together on my final run; the car worked beautifully and I found the grip I needed. Thank you to my family and to Porsche for supporting and believing in me.”

Talented teen Chloe Chambers sets Guinness World slalom record in Porsche 718 Spyder
Young Chambers signed this Guinness World Records cap showing her record-setting slalom time of 47.45 seconds.

Another number that stands out is the 718 Spyder’s 414 horsepower, this impressive total the result of a specially tuned, horizontally opposed 4.0-litre six-cylinder “boxer” that redlines at 7,600 rpm. Combined solely with a six-speed manual gearbox, the 718 Spyder shares its powertrain and underpinnings with the 718 Cayman GT4, both of which feature Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) with adaptive dampers, helper springs on the rear axle, and 30 millimeters (1.18 inches) shaved off the regular 718 models’ ride heights. With an engine mounted just in front of the rear axle for near perfect front-to-back weight distribution, all Porsche 718s provide superb road-holding performance.

Talented teen Chloe Chambers sets Guinness World slalom record in Porsche 718 Spyder
Sometimes the sheer responsiveness and agility of youth can overcome experience, but a good car helps too.

“We couldn’t be more proud that Chloe set the record,” commented Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “From the whole Porsche family, we send our heartfelt congratulations – we’re pleased to have been able to support Chloe with her ambitious record attempt and share her relief that it was successful.”

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Story credit: Trevor Hofmann

Photo credits: Porsche